How Much Map Turtles Cost?

how much map turtles cost

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Before buying a map turtle, you have to consider its cost. Why? For some of us, the price of a pet turtle does not matter as long as we can afford it. But for many people, the amount of a map turtle means a lot. And so, each turtle keeper must learn the market value of the species before purchasing.

The map turtles cost around $25 to $1000. The price varies from species to species. Again, the rate is not constant, and it can go up or down anytime.

You can learn the price of map turtles from online or from a local pet store. To lessen your work, I will include the cost of all species of the map turtle in this article. You will also learn the shop names, shipping policy, and other related information from this post.

How Much Map Turtles Cost?

I am adding a table below that includes the average prices of most of the map turtle species.

Map Turtle SpeciesAverage Price Range
False map turtle$6 – $50
Cagle’s map turtle$180 – $300
Black knobbed map turtle$100 – $200
Northern black knobbed map turtle$170 – $300
Southern black knobbed map turtle$270 – $400
Ringed map turtle$750 – $ 1000
Yellow blotched map turtle$390 – $1000
Texas map turtle$30 – $150
Ouachita map turtle$15 – $100
Sabine map turtle$20- $100
Mississippi map turtle$15 – $95
Calico map turtle$70 – $100
Pearl river map turtle$170 – $230
Leucistic Mississippi map turtle$2000++
Common map turtle$70 – $130

The prices may not match the exact market value. The pricing can vary from time to time, depending on different factors. I have included the average and most acceptable price of the map turtle species. Also, the table is included so that you can have an assumption of the rate of the map turtle species.

Which Factors Affect A Map Turtle’s Price?

From the chart, you must have noticed that each map turtle species costs different. Again, the young turtles will cost less than the adult one of the same species. Why?

The price of a map turtle depends on some factors. These factors are,

  1. Species
  2. Size
  3. Age
  4. Sex
  5. Area
  6. Physical Condition
  7. Availability


Map turtle has almost 14 species, most of them are ideal pets. Some species of the map turtle are rare and expensive. On the other hand, some species are common and do not cost much.

If you see the chart, you will notice the price differences among the map turtle species. Ringed map turtles and Yellow blotched map turtles are expensive species and will cost you around 1000 USA dollars. But the false map turtles and the Mississippi map turtles cost much less than those, which is around 90 USA dollars.


The price of a map turtle of a particular species depends on its size. The small ones cost less than the medium or big ones.


By age, I am indicating towards the hatchlings, baby map turtles, young map turtles, and the adult map turtles. We can divide the map turtles into these categories. The hatchlings are cheap. On the other hand, young and adult map turtles cost more than the baby map turtles.

Again, the price of the aged map turtles is not much as they will die soon.


This factor is not applicable for all the species, but for some, the male map turtles are more expensive than the female ones. The opposite can happen too.


Your native place plays a vital role in the map turtle’s pricing. If you buy a native map turtle, it will cost less. But when you try to buy a map turtle from a distant place that will cost you more.

Physical condition

Sometimes, the pet stores sell the expensive map turtles at a low price if the turtles have any physical condition. For example, the map turtle with a defected shell will cost you less than the normal one.


Some turtle owners have a hobby to keep rare species. If you want a rare map turtle species like Yellow map turtle, Albino map turtle, Cagle’s map turtle, or Ringed map turtle, you have to pay a lot of money. But a common map turtle will cost you not more than 150 USA dollars.

Where Can You Buy The Map Turtles?

You can find your desirable map turtle in three ways.

  1. You can buy it from a local pet shop. 
  2. You can purchase it from an online shop.
  3. You can find the species from a rescue center. 

Buying your pet from a physical store is the best choice. This way, you can purchase the pet by observing everything.

An online shop is a good option too. Nowadays, the online shopping platform has become huge, and most people buy from these shops. Later in this article, I will name some trusted pet shops for map turtles.

You can also find your map turtle from a rescue center. The rescue teams often give adoption of some map turtles. If they think you are responsible, you may get the map turtle without any money.

These are the right ways to get a map turtle. I discourage you from taking your pet from the wild or buying it from a black market.

Map Turtle Shops And Other Details

We often find it challenging to go to a physical shop to buy a new map turtle. So, for those, I am adding a table of trusted online shops and other details you need to know.

Shop NamesAvailable Map TurtlesPrice RangePolicy Of The ShopShipping System
The Turtle SourceOuachita map turtleMississippi map turtleTexas map turtleHigh orange Mississippi map turtlePearl River map turtleNorthern black knobbed map turtleLeucistic Mississippi map turtleYellow blotched map turtleHigh orange Ouachita map turtleCommon map turtleCagle’s map turtleCalico map turtleRinged map turtleSuper high orange Mississippi map turtle$15 – $2000The Turtle Source is one of the biggest online shops for turtles and tortoises. They have been breeding and selling turtles for over 30 years.  The shop takes orders 24/7. They ensure a fast and secure delivery over the region. They accept payment by PayPal and other major cards. They have strong support and care center.  For overnight delivery, you have to pay around $40 shipment charge. The charge will be less if you choose the usual shipment period.
Tortoise Town  Mississippi map turtle$32-$75The shop has a precise term and policy for everything. They offer a fast and secure delivery service. The shop also offers a refund if the pet is dead or not healthy. They also provide a seven day health guarantee.The shop provides overnight delivery via FedEx. They will charge around $50 for urgent delivery.
Backwater ReptilesBlack knobbed map turtlePearl River map turtleMississippi map turtle  $20 – $100The company offers fast delivery. In the case of any inconvenience from the shop, they also provide a refund. The shop accepts VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as a payment method.You will get your delivery within two days. They deliver the turtles via FedEx. For overnight deliveries, you have to pay around $45. They do not deliver across the US border.
Turtle StoreMississippi map turtleGeographic map turtle$38 – $48The shop’s main priority is the pets’ health. They provide a seven day health guarantee for the customers. They also offer a customer service system.The shop offers overnight delivery services inside the US border.
Underground reptiles  Mississippi map turtleGeographic amp turtlePearl River map turtleSouthern black knobbed map turtleNorthern black knobbed map turtle$10 – $500The shop follows some strict rules and regulations. They provide no return and no refund policies. But for some instances, there can be an exception. They accept payment via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.The shipment process is open for five days a week. They do not provide any delivery on Saturday and Sunday.
Reptile CityBlack Knobbed map turtleBaby map turtlesTexas map turtle  $30 – $200The shop is one of the most popular turtle shops. They offer a full support system to the customers. The shop offers a refund or replacement in case of any inconvenience from the staff. They accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and E-check as a payment method.The shop offers different shipment packages. They offer free shipping for certain orders. And for usual orders, they charge a minimum of $20.

The shops I have listed are some of the known shops. If you face any problem while purchasing an item, I will not be responsible for that. And also, check the customer reviews before ordering anything.


This article will benefit you a lot while buying a map turtle for you. Thanks for reading till the end.

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