Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet Review: Are They Legit?

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Do you have an interest in the protection of marine turtles and other forms of animals and their habitats? Do you find it enjoyable to monitor wild animals? Do you have any interest in learning how you may maintain tabs on your preferred sea turtles by wearing a bracelet? Then there is a website that promises to fulfill all of your needs in one convenient bracelet.

Fahlo is a legit nonprofit company that works in collaboration with charitable groups to provide bracelets that can help monitor sea turtles and other wild species, provide assistance and protection for them, and promote awareness of several issues.

A review is very important before buying any product to check out the product’s legitimacy and customer satisfaction upon buying it. Therefore, in this writing, I will be providing a full-fledged review of the trendy turtle tracking bracelet by Fahlo. So, carry on reading!

The Journey of Fahlo

In 2018, Daniel Gunter and Carter Forbes, who have been best friends throughout their whole lives, formed wildlife collections. The turtle monitoring bracelets were developed as a means to stimulate the attention of more individuals in the preservation activities that are being undertaken.

using a textured bracelet as well as an engaging monitoring experience, both of which are unique to wildlife collections. The work of Fahlo is centered on assisting in the generation of finances and increasing public awareness for the purpose of the protection of all endangered wildlife species.

Track A Real Sea Turtle With Each Bracelet!

Learn Name

You get to learn your sea turtle’s name, size, age. Also a picture!

Enjoy Stories

Enjoy the story of your sea turtle, where it came from, where is it going?

Follow Me

You get to follow the sea turtle’s journey on an interactive tracking map!

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As a direct consequence of their work together,  Fahlo has contributed approximately 300,000 USD to various sea turtle conservation organizations till now.

Fahlo works with a variety of different conservation organizations, one of which is dedicated to protecting sea turtles.

They assist these conservation activists by producing products that the general populace can buy and use to give money to a cause, and in doing so, they create a positive impact on the planet.

Fahlo is currently working with a number of different groups, including Polar Bears International, Orca Research Trust, Save the Elephants, and Saving the Blue. The Sea Turtle Conservancy is also one of Fahlo’s partners.

They want to collaborate in the future with a much larger number of conservation groups similar to them in order to assist endangered species.

What Is The Fahlo Journey Bracelet?

For those who want to monitor their own sea turtle on budget, the journey bracelet is the best option. The bracelet comes with a card that has the turtle’s name, image, and backstory, as well as a QR code. The package has some cool features as well. Such as

Monitor a Genuine Sea Turtle:

Here you are given a real sea turtle to trace along with your bracelet. You will find the most crucial QR code on the card that is included with the bracelet, which will enable you to follow your turtle.

Get To Know Your Turtle:

Find out the name of your sea turtle, and its size, and get a photograph of it as well.

Learn about their fascinating histories and where they originated, as each card has a one-of-a-kind tale about the featured turtle, such as where it was discovered, how it survived, how old it is, where it is now located, and so on.

Exclusive and Detailed Location Map:

Using the QR code that was supplied, you may follow the remarkable trip that your sea turtle is doing on an infographic map. You’ll also be able to see some interesting statistics about them, such as their velocity, the distance they’ve gone, and much more!

Help to Save The Sea Turtles:

A part of all profits is given to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, an organization that works to promote awareness of sea turtle issues and promote protection for sea turtles all around the world.

With the assistance of your donation, the Sea Turtle Conservancy will be able to move closer to realizing its goal in which every sea turtle is able to live a life devoid of any threat.

The Bracelet:

The journey bracelets are nothing too fancy but definitely something that can enhance your personality! These bracelets are constructed of beads, and there are nine distinct color options available.

Such as Crystal Blue, Seaweed Green, Sky Stone, Reef, Shell, Deep Blue, Lava Stone, Pink (limited edition), and White Howlite (STC Edition).

Each of the bracelets comes with the cutest turquoise-colored turtle charm which symbolizes the purpose of the bracelets, which is to protect the sea turtles.

Free Size:

Each bracelet is constructed with an elastic band to suit a wide range of wrist sizes, thus there is only one size available.


This amazing bracelet only costs approximately $17 and has a positive effect on sea turtles.

This bracelet also has the potential to be an awesome and profound alternative for you to give to the people you care about as a present as the bracelet has a positive influence.

The excellent idea was taken by Fahlo, and they teamed with STC to assist increase awareness and promote public participation in these conservation activities.

This journey bracelet has beads in a variety of colors as well as a charming turtle pendant that not only complements your own aesthetic but also serves as a symbol of your support for marine turtles.

Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet: How It Works?

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Is Fahlo A Legit Company?

The sea turtle tracking bracelets seem too good to be true. No wonder why people are skeptical about the legitimacy of Fahlo.

Again, some companies like Wildlife Team, Turtle’s Journey, Wildlife Mission, and Wildlife Charm have launched the same bracelet campaigns. As per their statements, they also donate a chunk of the money from the bracelets to sea turtle conservation.

The program is similar to the Fahlo sea turtle tracking journey. But unfortunately, the mentioned companies, except Fahlo, are complete scams.

In its recent report, NBC has addressed these brands’ fraudulent activities. The article has also tagged Fahlo as a legit company.

Besides, Fahlo is BBB accredited. BBB or Better Business Bureau is in charge of ensuring whether a business meets the necessary ends. Therefore, you can trust Fahlo and help them to conserve the sea turtle population by purchasing a bracelet.

Why Should You Choose Fahlo?

The Fahlo product range of bracelets, which includes monitoring functions and assistance for many species of animals, is already very legit. However, the following are a few features that are highlights of the rest of the group:

  • Their strategy of donating ten percent of the revenues to organizations that work to conserve species, educate people about it, and rescue animals is very firm and solid.
  • The assortment of bracelets is ideal for satisfying a wide range of preferences. There is not a single style choice that they can’t support, from beads that are entirely black to beads that have greens and brown tones.
  •  the idea of trying to monitor an animal that is physically under the ocean and out of human reach is a lot of fun and quite amusing as well. When each turtle is given a name, it gives the impression that you are performing a nice deed and it becomes personal.
  • The bracelet may be worn on any wrist, does not become dirty easily, and can be used both under and outside water or pools.

On the other hand, there are two minor drawbacks associated with the Fahlo wristbands. For example,

  • On the official website of Fahlo, there is no space or option for customers to leave reviews. Because of this, purchasers are unable to see evaluations left by other customers or contribute.
  • The satellite trackers usually come off from the sea turtles after a year. For this reason, some people might not be able to track their turtles for long enough.

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How Do Fahlo Journey Bracelets Work?

To recap, sea turtles spend around 90 percent of their lifespans submerged in water and transitioning between the many phases of their growth.

Because of the difficulty of gaining access to the deeper portions of the ocean by humans, there is a lot of important knowledge about sea turtles that cannot be accessed.

Therefore, to gain insight into the turtles when they are swimming through the inaccessible parts of the ocean Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) and other organizations have installed satellite trackers on the back of the sea turtles.

In this way, where they have been, where they are, and their migration paths can be seen with the satellite trackers, and providing protection for them, identifying them becomes easier.

Each turtle contains a unique code with which they can be identified. Fahlo in collaboration with STC uses their tracking map and the unique code for tracking. Fahlo puts this code as a QR code within the card that comes with the bracelet.

Once you scan the code with your camera, it will provide you with a link. You can open the link both with your browser and on the Fahlo animal tracker app. As this code is assigned to a specific turtle that you may even claim as your own!

The QR code that allows you to monitor your turtle in real-time is perhaps the most interesting feature of this bracelet. The fact that you are now able to track down your turtle is a reflection of your selflessness and serves as an example to others as well as to yourself.

Customer Reviews About Fahlo Journey Bracelets

Although Fahlo does not have customer reviews on its own website, trustpilot.com provided the opportunity to write and see other customer reviews for verifying authenticity.

According to Trustpilot, Fahlo bracelets have an 87% of ‘Excellent’ rating and tons of good reviews of their bracelets and efficient customer service.

A buyer named josh, for example, said:

“Love Fahlo, such a fantastic cause! I received a damaged bracelet in my order and called customer care about it. The customer care representative was really helpful, my email was responded to quickly, and a new bracelet is on its way!”

One other buyer stated:

“I treated my mother and myself with one of these during our vacation. They are FANTASTIC in our eyes! Using and placing an order through the app is a simple process. I now have three Fahlo pets, and I want to get more in the future! These are very interesting presents!”

Apparently, Fahlo bracelets have some pretty good impressions and happy customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Fahlo Animal Not Moving?

If Fahlo animal is not moving, it is possible that the animal tracker may have lost its signal or there may be other technical issues. It is recommended to contact Fahlo customer support for assistance.

How Does Fahlo Track Animals?

The Fahlo Animal Tracker app allows users to add their animals to an interactive tracking map to follow their journey, learn more about them, get important updates, and more!

Each bracelet comes with its own animal and tracks the animal’s location using GPS technology.

What Are Fahlo Bracelets Made Out Of?

Fahlo bracelets are made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastics and leather, and they are handcrafted with care.

How Do Fahlo Bracelets Work?

Fahlo bracelets are animal tracking bracelets that work by using GPS technology to track the location of the animal associated with each bracelet. Users can track their animal’s location and learn more about them through the Fahlo Animal Tracker app.

How Often Does Fahlo Update Tracking?

Fahlo Tracker updates its tracking almost daily, but with a four-month delay to protect the animals from poachers. The delay is in place so that poachers cannot use the real-time tracking data to hunt down the animals associated with the bracelets.

How Much Does Fahlo Donate?

Fahlo donates a portion of its profits to various wildlife conservation organizations. The amount of money donated varies depending on the campaign and organization. For example, Fahlo donates 10% of net profits from every turtle bracelet sold to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

Another source states that Fahlo has donated almost $300,000 towards the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s sea turtle conservation programs.

Do Fahlo Bracelets Use Real Stones?

Fahlo bracelets may use crushed stones to make the bracelet, but the main charm is made of plastic and is manufactured by a Chinese family-run company.

Another source mentions that one of the bracelet designs includes “ocelli stones”. However, it is unclear if the stones used in Fahlo bracelets are genuine or synthetic.

Final Words

Have you ever seen a piece of apparel, such as a high-quality, well-made, and fashionable bracelet, gave more than just a hip appearance and aid in rescuing turtles at once?

It was quite unthinkable until Fahlo came up with the bracelets that come with a real turtle to monitor and allow the wearer to contribute to conserving efforts for sea turtles at the same time.

Fahlo is a one-of-a-kind company because they manufacture their own selection of bracelets with animal motifs, and also protect, conserve, and educate people about a wide range of land and marine Turtles with a portion of the proceeds from each sale.

Since its inception in 2018, this initiative to save sea turtles has been able to contribute significant amounts of money to conservation efforts, all thanks to sales of the Fahlo bracelets.

Fahlo’s mission is to teach clients about biodiversity and inspire them about conservation. They want to do this by merging a physical bracelet with a participatory monitoring experience. It can be truthfully stated that they are succeeding in achieving this objective.

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