How Much Does It Cost To Track A Sea Turtle?

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Have you recently heard about bracelet trackers that track sea turtles? Confused about whether they really track sea turtles and how much they cost? Fret not, we can help.

Sea Turtles Tracking Bracelets usually cost around $16-$18 excluding shipping costs. After purchasing a sea turtle tracking bracelet, you get provided with your sea turtle’s name, size, and picture. You will also be given access to a website to access your sea turtle’s location via GPS tracking.

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Detailed Comparison Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelets

Here we have created a detailed comparison table on the sea turtle tracking bracelets. Among these brands, Fahlo is associated with the Sea Turtle Conservancy. It is a non-profit working on marine research and conservation.

BrandEco-FriendlyReal-Time UpdatesCost
BrandEco-FriendlyReal-Time UpdatesCost
Ocean & CompanyYesYes$16.95
Turtle CentralYesYes$16.95
Florida Sea Turtle CompanyYesYes$16.00
Ocean Project.coN/ANo$16.95

Sea Turtle Bracelet Trackers and How They Work?

After purchasing a sea turtle bracelet, you obtain the name and image of a sea turtle. You will also be given access to a site to track your sea turtle. These sea turtles are tracked via satellites and transmitters placed on them during mating season.

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Unfortunately, a number of scams have set up pseudo-organizations to dupe people into buying their sea turtle bracelets. These are equipped with fake information of non-existent sea turtles. But luckily there are a few like Fahlo formerly Wildlife Collections that sell proper tracking bracelets that can make a difference.

By purchasing one of the bracelets, you will be provided with the name, size, and picture of a sea turtle. You will be able to track the sea turtle through an interactive map. The information relayed there has been directly collected from the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

Track A Real Sea Turtle With Each Bracelet!

Learn Name

You get to learn your sea turtle’s name, size, age. Also a picture!

Enjoy Stories

Enjoy the story of your sea turtle, where it came from, where is it going?

Follow Me

You get to follow the sea turtle’s journey on an interactive tracking map!

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How The Tracking Takes Place?

During the nesting season, sea turtles flock to coastal coastlines to lay their eggs. The breeding season is normally from March through October. This is an excellent chance to install a Platform Terminal Transmitter. This is referred to as “Satellite Tracking” or “Satellite Telemetry.”

The equipment is often fastened to a sea turtle’s shell with dentistry cement. It’s then encased in epoxy resin to prevent it from coming loose. These satellite trackers do not damage turtles and are meant to fall off over time.

The Platform Terminal Transmitter, or PTT for short, continues to gather all required data. When the turtle resurfaces for air, it automatically sends updates via the Argos tracking network.

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In this sense, Argos satellite tags have proven to be a very valuable data relay platform. The tag can now be remotely sent together with the other sorts of data collected. Dive profiles and water temps are also included on these tags.

Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet: How It Works?

sea turtle tracking bracelet infographic

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Why You Might Want To Track A Sea Turtle?

Thousands of satellite emitters are in use now all over the globe. Including everything oceanic to natural dangers to water resources and polar currents are monitored using them. Fishing vessels, shipping lines, offshore oil, and wildlife are all tracked by these systems.

Many of the fundamental concerns about the biology and conservation of sea turtles have been addressed and reviewed, and satellite monitoring is a perfect instrument for answering them.

Females can be found easily on the shore throughout a nesting period.

Therefore, a majority of sea turtle tracking and ecological studies have concentrated on females. Male sea turtles, on the other hand, have been underdiagnosed, and little is known about their evolutionary psychology.

Male sea turtle population size, regional ecology, and dangers could all benefit from a better knowledge of male mobility patterns and spatial use.

Should You Adopt A Sea Turtle And Track It?

Adopting a sea turtle helps to fund studies on the endangered species’ survival and monitoring. By giving cash for treatment, tank upkeep, feeding, and veterinary care, your sea turtle adoption directly helps this endeavor.

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Sea turtles and their nests are subjected to many dangers from nature, resulting in major issues. Regrettably, just one out of every 5,000 fledglings grow up. Human activities are also threatening their survival today.

Development, beach lights, sea walls, jetties, erosion control devices, and nocturnal beach activities all endanger sea turtles’ existence.

Therefore, by adopting a sea turtle through a non-profit or buying tracking bracelets can make a small impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does a turtle tracker last?

The cells in these receivers should last 8-10 months in theory. However, signals frequently stop working before that time. Underwater, the trackers are vulnerable to injury as well as assaults from larger fish.

Q. How are sea turtles tagged?

The PIT tag (Passive Integrated Transponder tag) or microchip, which is commonly used in pets, is the most frequent tag. This is a permanent tag that is inserted into the flipper muscle with a needle. Although there is no external evidence that the turtle has been tagged, the tag is utilized to identify the animal.

Q. Why are sea turtles important to nature?

For more than 100 million years, sea turtles have played an important role in protecting the health of the world’s seas. These responsibilities include everything from preserving healthy coral reef ecosystems to transferring vital nutrients from the ocean to beaches and coastal dunes.

Final Words

This is everything we’ve had to say regarding how much does it cost to track a sea turtle. Everything necessary has already been covered in-depth and systematic manner. With the existence of sea turtles at continuous stake, we welcome your interest in their tracking and conservation.

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