How Much Does A Snapping Turtle Cost?

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Yesterday, I went turtle shopping, and I was shocked to see the pricing of an average snapping turtle in a store. The shop was using its well-built reputation to loot people. Hence, I felt the necessity to inform you guys about the pricing of snapping turtles. So, how much does a snapping turtle cost?

The price of a snapping turtle can be as low as $30 and rise up to $6000. Usually, the baby common snapping turtles and alligator snapping turtles cost $30 and $40, respectively. You might have to pay $6000 when you shop for an exclusive species of snapping turtle.

Is this all? No. Go through the article to get a trusted turtle store list and all the exclusive deals available.

How Much Does A Snapping Turtle Cost?

If you are thinking about buying a snapping turtle, an available fund of $30 will work. Yes, you can get a baby common snapping turtle for only $30, and some shops even sell these pets at a lower rate. Of course, you need to keep your eyes and ears open for the discounts.

However, if you have a particular choice in snapping turtles, you might have to pay a lot more than $30 depending on the species, size, and availability. For example, the adult alligator snapping turtles have an average selling price of $150. Again, the Albino snapping turtles are $4999.

Let’s take a look at the average price rate of different snapping turtles,

Snapping Turtle Subspecies/Breed Price Range
Common Snapping Turtle$30 to $170
Alligator snapping Turtle$40 to $150
Albino Common Snapping Turtle$4999.99
Platinum Florida Snapping Turtle$99
Pink Belly Snapper$79.95
Orange Hypomelanistic Common Snapping Turtle$495
Hypo Melanistic Common Snapping Turtle$495
Translucent Hypomelanistic Common Snapping Turtle$1495
Leucistic Common Snapping Turte$2495
Two Headed Common Snapping Turtle$5999
Hypomelanistic Pink Alligator Snapping Turtle$449.99
Pied Alligator Snapping Turtle$449.99
Florida Snapping Turtle$39.99
Branderhorst’s Snapping Turtle$74.99
New Guinea Snapping Turtle $49
Schultze’s Snapping Turtle$59.99

Factors Affecting The Cost

Snapping turtles of the same subspecies are selling at different prices. Why do you think that is? Is there something special in them, or is the pet store overcharging you?

Well, the cost of a snapping turtle depends on several variables. Such as,

  • Species
  • Size
  • Health
  • Location
  • Origin
  • Availability

The turtle market rates increase or decrease by comparing these factors. Let’s discuss them in brief.


We know snapping turtles have two main subspecies,

  • Common snapping turtle
  • Alligator snapping turtle

The scientists and breeders have worked and brought more categories under these subspecies. For example, Leucistic common snapping turtle, two headed common snapping turtle, Pied alligator snapping turtle, etc. These turtles are specially bred or cross-bred naturally, depending on the geographical location.

While a common turtle costs $30, an Albino common snapper is $4999. The difference between the price range is because of the species difference.


Another factor that affects the cost of a snapping turtle is its size. A hatchling somehow is less expensive than the adults. The shops find it fair to charge the buyers extra money, which they have invested in raising the adult snapping turtle.

Here is an exception.

The snapping turtle eggs cost more than the babies or adults. Usually, the price of an alligator snapping turtle egg ranges around $250.


Not all the eggs hatched from the same nest have the same health condition. It is highly possible that one or two babies will own a few physical flaws.

The shops can not release these newly bred snapping turtle hatchlings in the wild. Hence, they offer a tempting discount on their price.

The great news is many turtle hobbyists welcome these special little turtles and raise them with love. You must have watched the viral video of Hope, an Albino turtle born with an exposed heart. A kind-hearted turtle keeper took him in and shared his journey with the world.

While petting a turtle with a physical disability is indeed appreciable, it is a critical job. So, do not fall for the heavy deals on the turtles unless you are ready to enjoy the challenge.


Availability of the snapping turtle species in your locality can bend the price range. If the pet is not that familiar in your region and the shops require shipping it from another location. As a result, the cost will definitely be higher than usual.


Captive-bred snapping turtles make a better pet than wild ones. Scientists believe that these turtles are less scared of human contact and have in-built ease of adapting to the enclosed environment.

On the other hand, the wild-caught snapping turtles are illegal to capture, buy and sell in many states. Not to mention that these turtles are not suitable for petting. The black market shops pay handsome money to catch wild turtles in bulk and sell them at a heavy discount.


Many turtle hobbyists love collecting exclusive breeds. Remember, those rare or hybrid snapping turtles will cost more than usual. For example, a common turtle sells at the $30 to $170 price range. On the other hand, the market rate of a Leucistic common snapping turtle is $2495.

Where To Buy A Snapping Turtle?

Consider yourself lucky if you already have a trusted breeder or turtle shop address. I have struggled to find a turtle shop that matched my vibe.

I personally prefer local pet stores to purchase any new turtle. But online stores have never failed to surprise me with their huge and exclusive turtle collections. Honestly, while I was looking for snapping turtles, I had found the offline stores far more impressive.

Nowadays, you can buy a snapping turtle from a local pet store, an online turtle shop, or a private breeder. The breeders often make their business public on social media or their websites.

Let’s talk about the trusted breeders or turtle shops I have come across throughout my turtle keeping journey,

Additional Information Shop Name Available Options Price Range Additional Information
Turtle And Tortoises IncNew Guinea Snapping Turtle$49Turtle And Tortoises Inc has been in the business for over 30 years and still holds its reputation with pride. You will have a variety of turtle options here, and you do not have to worry about the pet animal’s health or anything.  

Purchasing turtles and turtle goods are seamless with their website. The shop offers both the UPS customer center pick point and home delivery. In case of shipment, the store charges a non-refundable shipping charge.  

A few varieties of snapping turtles are available at this store right now. But you can always keep an eye on the website for any updates or contact the shop personally.
The Turtle SourceCommon Snapping Turtle, Platinum Florida Snapping Turtle, Albino Common Snapping Turtle, Leucistic Common Snapping Turte, Translucent Hypomelanistic Common Snapping Turtle, Florida Snapping Turtle, Orange Hypomelanistic Common Snapping Turtle, Two Headed Common Snapping Turtle, Hypomelanistic Pink Alligator Snapping Turtle$29.95 to 5995.00The Turtle Source has a grand snapping turtle collection. You will find almost all the exclusive snapping turtles available out there. The price range starts from $29.95 and up to $5995, which is fair considering their service.  

This turtle store offers a 7-days health guarantee for captive bred turtles and an extended period for the wild-caught turtles. The shop has a strict policy on product return. Usually, the company ships turtles and goods to any address on the map.

But yes, while ordering for the pet turtle, you must consider the distance and other law regulations.
Tortoise TownBaby Snapping Turtle$69.95 to $125The Tortoise Town is a trusted name in the reptile market. They deliver fit animals to the customers.  

The 7-day health guarantee policy of the shop will come in handy if you find any inconvenience with your delivery.  

I must appreciate their shipping system. The store ensures that the buyers get the animals within two days, and besides, an overnight delivery option is also available.
Backwater ReptilesCommon snapping turtle, Florida Snapping Turtle, Albino Snapping Turtle Hathcling$29.99 to $4999.99If you are looking for an affordable turtle shop, give the Backwater Reptiles a try. This store has an impressive collection of turtles, tortoises, lizards, and many more reptiles.

The best part of this shop is that they offer each animal at a rock-bottom price.  

The store has flexible and customer-friendly policies. You will get a 2/3 days shipping and one-week health guarantee of the live animal.

You can cancel your order without a penalty if the parcel is not out for shipping.
My Turtle StoreLarge and Juvenile Snapping Turtle, Pink Bellied Snapping Turtle$129 to $289.95My Turtle Store has always focused on customer satisfaction. You can order your turtles and required accessories with only a click.

The shop is committed to making a fast delivery, and in any case, you can track down your shipping.  

My Turtle Store always takes excellent care of its bred turtles. Moreover, the team performs a thorough inspection before any sold pet goes out for shipping.

Still, if your turtle does not make it to the first seven days in the captive environment, the shop will provide you a refund or a turtle.
American Reptile DistributorsCommon Snapping Turtle, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Hypomelanistic Pink Alligator Snapping Turtle, Peid Alligator Snapping Turtle, Pink Bellied Alligator Snapping Turtle$11.99 to 1999.99The American Reptile Distributors have recently launched a discount on several snapping turtles. Right now, you can buy a common snapping turtle for only $11.99.

Exclusive species like the Pied alligator snapping turtle, Albino snapping turtles, etc., are also available here.  

The shop offers a 48 hours health guarantee for live animals. Also, the team will bear your loss if the animal goes through any damage in between the shipping process.
Underground ReptilesCommon Snapping Turtle, Florida Snapping Turtle, Branderhorst’s Snapping Turtle, Hypo Snapping Turtle, Schultze’s Snapping Turtle, Pink Belly Snapping Turtle,$9.99 to $299.99The Underground Reptiles sells budget snapping turtles. You will get baby common snapping turtles at only $9.99.  

The shop guarantees fast delivery and live arrival of the animal.

N.B: I have sorted the above shops because of their well-built reputation, customer support, and turtle quality. I encourage you to research the market on your own and draw a comparison chart.

Things To Know Before You Buy A Snapping Turtle

I have been on the turtle-keeping journey for several years, and I always encourage people to get into this wonderful hobby. But yet, is it okay if you buy a snapping turtle out of passion? I say, no!

See, turtles are not toys. If you plan to welcome one home, you need to stick to the pet to the very end, both mentally and financially. If you are not ready for the commitment, I do not think you should rush into this hobby.

Snapping turtles make great pets. Still, you should research the species as much as you can. Here are a few heads up for you,

Size And Weight

The common snapping turtles grow up to 22 inches, and the alligator snapping turtles might cross 32 inches in the carapace length. Their average weights are 4.5 to 16 kgs and 50 to 80 kgs, respectively.

You can imagine the monstrous size these turtles will grow into once they hit maturity. If you lack space or find it challenging to handle medium/big sized turtles, you should reconsider your plan.

Get more details on the snapping turtle growth from this write-up.

Tank Size

A baby snapping turtle may start its life in a 10-gallon tank. But with the growing age, the enclosure size must increase.

Other requirements for the habitat are,


Snapping turtles are shy and prefer a solitary life. They have an exposed neck area, which makes them vulnerable. These turtles stay alert all the time and snap at the opponent if they smell danger.

Snapping turtle bites are dangerous. Rumors are that the snapping turtles can bite off human fingers.


Snapping turtles act aggressively to the tankmates and might attack continuously. They are fierce and will use their razor-like beak to defeat the opponent. Hence, keep no companion in the same tank as the snapping turtle.

Here is an article on ideal tank mates for turtles according to their species.

How Much Does Owning A Snapping Turtle Cost?

Snapping turtles are available at $30 and even lower. You might wonder whether it is cheap to raise a snapping turtle or not.

Generally, you have to spend on average $200 to $500 for a turtle annually. The cost can go up or down depending on your care level and the demands.

Here is a cost breakdown for you,

Snapping Turtle Hatchling$30
Basking Dock$50
UV Light$40
Heating Lamp$60
Tank Heater$40

The above chart is the initial cost, and it can cross $1500 depending on your setup. If you choose an exclusive snapping turtle breed, you might have to spend a lot more.

However, after the installation, the expenditure will not seem to be baggage anymore, and a turtle lives a well-off life with only $30 to $50 a month.

$30 a month or $500 a year might not be a big sum of money. But if you are not that financially independent right now, it is better not to burden yourself with a pet turtle.

I have seen people who look for foster homes or give their turtles up for adoption due to money issues. I am sure you do not want your turtle-keeping journey to end that way.

Tips To Save Money

Snapping turtles are not expensive except for the exclusive breeds. However, setting up an ideal habitat for your pet snapping turtle might cost you a sack of money.

The good thing is you can always cut your expenses from here and there. Here are some money-saving tricks that will help you during turtle shopping,

  • Buying turtles online adds the extra shipping cost to your budget. Hence, try shopping from your local stores to cut the additional charges.
  • Always lookout for the health of the turtle. If you buy a sick turtle only for the discount, the chances are you have to spend more money in the upcoming months for its medication.
  • Turtle enclosure requires a basking dock, hiding places, and many more accessories. If you do not want to buy the commercial ones, try DIYing yourself. It is fun and, of course, cost-consuming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Illegal To Buy Snapping Turtles?

Alligator snapping turtles are an endangered species in a few states including Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, etc. hence, the state government has imposed few rules and regulations on the commercial harvesting of this species. Go through your state wildlife laws before purchasing any turtle species.

Can You Pet A Snapping Turtle?

You can pet a snapping turtle, but you have to follow strict rules. Snapping turtles are dangerous biters and prefer staying out of human touch. You need to offer the species enough space and proper care. If you have a kid at home, snapping turtles is not the ideal pet for you right now.


Snapping turtles cost as low as $30 and go up to $6000 or more. Go through the shops, compare the rates and then make the purchase. Do not get tempted by the black market’s low price as these shops are illegal. If you are confused, take advice from any experienced turtle hobbyist.

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