How Much Do Box Turtles Cost?

how much do box turtles cost

The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research.

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Box turtle has proven itself as an ideal pet over the years. So the box turtle market did not forget to increase its profit margin. Before going to the market to buy a box turtle, you must have a basic idea about the pricing of this species.

The minimum price of a box turtle is $30. The rate is not constant, as it can go up or down any minute.

In this article, I will include the price list of popular pet box turtles. I will also discuss some additional information related to it.

Factors That Affect A Box Turtle’s Price

Like most other living pets, a box turtle’s price is not constant. Few factors are responsible for this unstable pricing.

  • Subspecies
  • Age
  • Size
  • Area
  • Availability


Box turtle has many subspecies. Each subspecies is different from the other. Not all the subspecies have the same popularity as a pet. Like Yucatan box turtle is not quite popular as a pet, but the Ornate box turtle is a comfortable pet for turtle lovers.

So the pricing of the box turtle depends on the subspecies. Most of the time, common subspecies will cost you average money. Unpopular box turtles are hard to get in a store, and will cost you extra money.


Age is another factor that affects the pricing of a box turtle. Generally, a baby box turtle costs less than an adult one. Some subspecies can be examples as an exception.

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The cost of a box turtle mainly depend on this factor. Most of the time, the Large box turtles cost more than the small and medium ones. For some subspecies, the rate can be different.


All the subspecies of a box turtle is not available all around the world. For example, the Common box turtles are available in the USA, but not in Asia. So depending on the area, the price can be higher or lower than the average.


Many turtle lovers desire to adopt the rare box turtles. I will not say it is impossible. It is possible, but you have to pay a lot for it. McCord box turtle is one of the rarest subspecies of box turtle. You can have it for almost $7500.

On the other hand, Common box turtles are available. So these species do not cost much. Depending on the availability, the cost can go up or down.

Cost Of Box Turtles

You can see a table of box turtle’s price below. It is not the exact price. The pricing can be different from season to season or depending on other factors. The table includes the average and most accepted pricing of box turtles.

Subspecies Of Box Turtle Price (USD)
Eastern Box Turtle $140-$360
Florida Box Turtle $300-$600
Three Toed Box Turtle $140-$430
Aquatic Box Turtle $30-$100
Desert Box Turtle $300-$400
Ornate Box Turtle $200-$350
Chinese Box Turtle $300-$380
McCord Box Turtle $7540-$8000
Indonesian Box Turtle $50-$120
Asian Box Turtle $90-$130

Box Turtle Shops

You can collect your desirable box turtle subspecies from the turtle shop near you. You may also find box turtles in the fish pet shops. By visiting a store, you can get the perfect pet turtle.

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Nowadays, online shopping has gained immense popularity. By following the tradition, many turtle shops are offering online service, which means you can buy your desirable box turtle online. After confirming the order, you will get the turtle through shipping.

It is up to you which type of shopping you would prefer. I would request you to check the dealer or shop’s license before making any purchase. Due to the popularity of box turtle, many dealers have been in touch with the black market. I solely discourage buying a box turtle illegally.

Warranty Issues

The online box turtle stores issues warranty policies. It means if you face any problem after receiving your box turtle, there is a chance they would replace it or send back the money. They also provide health care for 7 to 14 days.

For the shipping companies, most of the companies do not take any responsibilities for any damages. Again, many companies provide refund or repay the money if you can prove their fault.

The Shipping Process Of Box Turtle

Though shipping of a living animal is always risky, but with the advanced shipping systems, it is almost risk-free. Here I will discuss the shipping process in case you need it.

  • Select a hard plastic container. Select the size according to the turtle’s size. Make sure the box is not too big, or the turtle can hurt itself.
  • Make sure the container has a ventilation system. If not, then drill a hole in it.
  • Put some bedding on the container to make it comfortable for the box turtle.
  • Put the box turtle inside the container.
  • Shut the box tightly. You can use tapes to shut the lid.
  • Keep the box in a calmer and crisp place. Try to avoid sunlight.
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Here are some details on the trusted turtle stores.

Shop Name Available Box Turtles Price Range Policy Additional Information
Turtles & Tortoise Inc Philippine Box Turtle Sulawesi Lowland Box Turtle Yellow Headed Box Turtle $125 – $7995 The company sells turtles for education, research, and exhibition purposes. They guarantee live arrival of the turtle. The company assures the customer would get the delivery within 48 hours.

The shipment is made under great care. They make sure temperature, and the environment is comfortable for the turtle. To file any shipment related problem, the customer has to report within 4 hours after receiving the delivery.

For air shipment, the delivery must be received within one one hour of the shipment arrival. The customer has to file the complaint via email and with all visible data.
You can purchase  online or visiting their shop at Kathleen, Florida. The price and shipment policy is the same in both cases.
Backwater Reptiles Chinese Box Turtle Indonesian Box turtle Ornate Box Turtle Three Toed Box Turtle Eastern Box Turtle   $49.99 – $299.99 The store delivers order overnight for short distances. For the long distance orders, the shipment takes 2-3 days. The store does not allow international shipments. The packing of the turtles are done by reptile experts. It is an online shop. The shop provides other supplies for turtles too.
Undergo Reptiles Ornate Box Turtle Hybrid Box Turtle Desert Box Turtle Chinese Box Turtle Asian Box Turtle $44.99 – $179.99 The shop ensures safe and secure shipment. They ensure live and healthy delivery of turtle. They provide a tracking number for each packing.

For wholesale order, they do not provide any refund. In other cases, they allow refund with some conditions. The shop provides the fastest delivery possible.
Undergo Reptiles has a local shop and an online shop. The terms for refund and shipping is the same in both cases.
Reptile City Asian Box turtle Chinese Box turtle Eastern Box Turtle Ornate Box Turtle $119.99 – $399.99 The shop provides overnight deliveries for short distance orders. For long distance orders, the shipment may need 3-5 business days to be delivered. The store won’t take any responsibilities of the turtle after the delivery.

For refund or any issues, the customer has to report within 24 hours after receiving the delivery. For the return cases, the store charges money.
It is not a local pet store. The store’s business is online based.
Turtle Source Asian Box Turtle Ornate Box Turtle McCord Box Turtle Chinese Box  Turtle Desert Box Turtle $89.99 – $7995 Turtle source ensures a fast and secure delivery. They provide a refund under some conditions. It is an online shop.

More or less, this is all for now. I hope the article helped you to get an insight regarding the costing of box turtles.

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