How Much Are Turtle Tanks? [Updated Price Chart]

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Well, turtle tanks are not cheap anymore. Of course, you can dig out a pond in the backyard or use a plastic tub as an alternative. But a sturdy glass aquarium is always recommended for indoor turtles. So, how much are turtle tanks?

Turtle aquarium price depends on its size, aka water capacity. You can buy a 5 – 10 gallon glass tank for pets under $40. Likewise, the 20-gallon and 55-gallon aquariums cost around $100 and $200, respectively. For a 75-gallon tank, you may have to pay about $250.

Catch more on turtle tanks below.

Turtle Tank Price List 2023

If you opt to buy a plain 75-gallon turtle tank, it will not cost you more than $200 – $250. However, the price may go up when the aquarium comes with turtle kits, for example, light, filter, decor, etc.

Again, some brands charge double the money for the basic turtle tank. For example, SeaClear charges around $200 for its 20-gallon tank because of the materials and crafting. But the same capacity aquariums are available at $40 too.

So, which one should you buy? It totally depends on your preference and budget. But in any case, make sure you purchase the right capacity tank for your turtles. 

The popular 5 turtle tank brands and their stocked products with the price is given below:

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Store NameTank SizePrice (Approx)Additional Information
Tetra20 Gallon Tank With All Supplies ( Heating Lamp, Filter, etc)$177.99Find details on Tetra and its policies.
20 Gallon Tank With LED And Decor$127 – $152
29 Gallon Tank With LED Lights And Decor$127
5.5 Gallon Rectangular Fish Tank$44.99
10 Gallon Rectangular Fish Tank$49.99
20 Gallon Rectangular Fish Tank$74.99
29 Gallon Rectangular Fish Tank$124.99
55 Gallon Rectangular Fish Tank$208
SeaClear 20 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium$191Find details on SeaClear and its policies.
30 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium$513 – $541
40 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium$429 – $540
46 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium$883 – $1093
50 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium$722 – $727
Aqueon Store10 Gallon Rectangular Tank$42Find details on Aqueon Store and its policies.
10 Gallon Rectangular Tank With Equipment$58 – $154
20 Gallon Tank$55
20 Gallon Tank With Basic Kit$133
20 Gallon Tank With Equipment$149 – $154
29 Gallon Tank$80
40 Gallon Tank$120
55 Gallon Tank$160
75 Gallon Tank$260
Aqua Culture5 Gallon Tank$38Aqua Culture tanks are available on e-commerce platforms and offline pet stores.
10 Gallon Tank$34 – $102
20 Gallon Tank$43
29 Gallon Tank$109
Zoo Med10 Gallon ReptiHabitat KitFind details on Zoo Med reptile habitat kits and its policies.
20 Gallon ReptiHabitat Kit$220
40 Gallon ReptiHabitat Kit

Things To Consider Before Buying A Turtle Tank 

As mentioned earlier, turtle tanks are available at all prices and sizes. The largest tank you can get your hands on is a 150-gallon aquarium, which will cost you more than $1000. Some pet stores allow customers to customize the tank size. 

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So, when shopping for the aquarium, research the turtle species first. If you plan to buy a tank only for babies, a 5 – 10 gallon tank will do the job. But in this scenario, you have to switch to a bigger enclosure as the turtle grows. 

Therefore, investing in a large tank as per the estimated adult size of the turtle may be profitable.

In any case, the aquarium should be spacious for the turtles to move and swim. Generally, the aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles prefer habitats with 2/3 of water and 1 portion of land area. Also, there must be enough room to install essential supplies in the enclosure. 

How Much Do You Need To Set Up The Turtle Tank? 

The glass aquarium is not the only thing you need to raise a turtle. But there are several essentials you must have when setting up the pet’s habitat. Such as lighting, filters, decorations, etc. 

Sounds costly. Right? 

The below chart will give you a rough estimation of the turtle tank expenditure, 

Supplies Cost 
Tank $260 (75-gallon basic tank)
Heating Lamp & Fixture $20
UV Lamp $15
UV Lamp Reflector $25
Decor $10
Total $330

Do the maths before you decide to take in a turtle.

Can You Use A Tub As Turtle Enclosure?

Is the glass tank going out of your budget? Don’t worry. Turtle tubs make the perfect alternatives to aquariums.

You will find branded and non-branded turtle tubs, both online and offline. These are cheap and more durable than glass tanks.

Select a sturdy plastic tub suitable for your turtle’s size. Then, decorate with all the essentials necessary for the turtle tank.

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The best advantage of using plastic tubs is easy transportation. You can move the tub from one place to another without the fear of breakage.

However, different brands have launched all modern and techy turtle tubs with various features. For example, an easy water cleaning facility, heated ceramic walls, etc. These pens are a bit costly.

Before You Go

Do you know DIYing plastic tubs is a quick and easy job? Yes, you can try it at home. I have mentioned the entire process of setting up a turtle tub from scratch in the article linked below.

Can You Keep Turtles In A Tub? 

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