Where To Buy Red Eared Slider?

side view pet turtle red-eared slider or Trachemys scripta elegans hides its head under the shell close up

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You may have seen them on the internet or somewhere else. The little creature can easily lock someone’s attention despite their size. Its social behavior such as greeting adds to its cuteness. Its tiny figure holds adorable look and the red strip around its ear makes it unique.

If you are planning to own a red eared slider and don’t have any idea where to buy red eared slider, this article may help you. You will get a clear idea about your steps to buy a red eared slider.

2 Options For Buying Read Eared Sliders

If you are wondering where to buy red eared sliders there are two options for you. You can either order them online or purchase one from the store.

If you order them online it can take up to a week or so and there will be added shipping price. You won’t have to bear these extra expenses if you just buy them from a store. But that’s only convenient if you have a trustworthy store near you. Even all the sites are not certain to provide a healthy turtle and all the benefits other offers. So, here I will try to give you insight on where to buy red eared slider. It will certainly help you own a healthy turtle.

But before jumping into it you have to know that some states of the USA have regulations that don’t permit the possession of tiny turtles such as hatchlings (baby red eared slider). Since 1975 it is banned in the US to sell a turtle with a length of fewer than 4 inches. But you can buy a full-grown red eared slider. They are usually 12 inches long.

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Keeping in mind what you can possess, let’s see where to buy red eared slider.

red eared slider closeup
Owner: Heather Powell

Where To Buy Red Eared Slider?

Not all the sites and stores out there will provide you with the best product. You surely don’t want to buy a defected turtles.

There are certain things to look out for while considering where to buy red eared slider.

  1. Look at the contact detail. If it’s a real place then it will have contact details. It may not have the address to any location but at least contain an email address or contact number.
  2. Read the reviews by consumers to be sure if it’s a good store or not. Consider both the good and bad feedback to evaluate its quality.
  3. Look at the presentation of the products. If the site presents a single type of photo for different kinds of spices then there is a chance that the site is not that good. On the other hand, if the presentation seems to be too much exaggerated then investigate deeper about the site.
  4. See if it provides correct information about the pets. If the description is wrong or if there is no description at all then it’s a bit problematic.
  5. Lastly, trust in your instinct.

This way you are most likely to get a healthy turtle from online.

How Much Does A Red Eared Slider Cost?

It can be hard and time-consuming to find a trustworthy store or site to place your order. To save you the trouble here is a chart for you to look for what you want. Try these sites and see which one is most plausible to you.

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SitePrice RangeAvailabilityShippingRemarks
myturtlestore.com$9.95-$895.95Online/in-storeShipping fee depends on location10 days health guarantee
undergroundreptile.com$9.99-$249.99OnlineShipping fee is $39Affordable price
Petsmart.com$24.99In store onlyN/AHelpful affiliates
Backwaterreptile.com$10.99-$249.99OnlineShipping fee is $44.99Offers wholesale
Theturtlesource.com$14.95-$74.95Online/in-storeShipping fee depends on locationVaried paying options
Petco.com$20In store onlyN/AOffers pet insurance
Tortoisetown.com$24.95-$49.95OnlineShipping fee is $49.95No refund
Reptilecity.com$4.99-$299.99OnlineDepending on the shipping method the fee varies from nothing to $49.95Cheapest one out there with offers and free shipping price
Cbreptile.com$24.95-$44.95OnlineShipping fee depends on locationYou can choose the condition of the turtle including age and sex

All the information you need to know before choosing your pet store is presented in this graph. But for you to look up further information feel free to visit their website.

Now before buying a healthy turtle compatible with your environment, you have to take certain things into consideration. Otherwise, your purchase can prove to be disappointing.

juvenile red eared slider
Owner: Carly McEachin

 Things To Consider Before Buying A Red Eared Slider:

It can be very unsatisfying and even depressing owning a sick or defected turtle. To ensure you are buying the right one you have to look out for certain things.

Such as,

  1. Notice if the turtle is alert and responsive. Red eared sliders are very social creatures. They will appear energetic if they are at their best.
  2. Look at the overall body of the turtle to see if the shell is bright and the skin is smooth. These are the signs of a healthy slider.
  3. Look at the shell closely. It should not bear any scratches or loose skin. A defected shell can lead to infection.
  4. Observe the eyes. The eyes of a healthy slider are open wide and clean. If the eyes seem swollen or are continuously held shut that could indicate it to be an infected turtle.
  5. Check if the inside of its tiny mouth is pink and smooth. Pale pink or grey mouth can mean illness.
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Consider these basic traits to make sure that your turtle is healthy. You can apply these points if you are directly buying from a pet shop. But some online store provides return policy, health guarantee and even pet insurance. So if you don’t like the condition or your red eared slider you can always return them or count on the health guarantee. But most of the online pet stores don’t offer these advantages. So don’t go off randomly placing an order in an online pet store. Follow the information provided in the chart.

Red eared sliders are cared with love. When they climb to the heating spot, their climbing little steps fill one’s heart with joy. So it is important to carefully take the decision where to buy your red eared slider.

Now get started using the information above and be ready to greet back your red eared slider as it greets you.

Are Baby Red-Eared Sliders Illegal?

In the United States, it is illegal to sell baby red-eared sliders that are less than 4 inches long, as they can harbor salmonella on their skin. This law has been in place since 1975 to protect public health.

However, it is not illegal to own a red-eared slider as a pet, as long as it was obtained legally and is not released into the wild. It is important to check with local authorities to ensure that owning a red-eared slider is legal in your area, as laws may vary by state and municipality.

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