Where Can I Buy A Softshell Turtle?

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The softshell turtle is one of the most unique turtle species. Only the experienced turtle keepers can handle this species properly. If you love challenges, then raising a softshell turtle can be a good option for you. But where can you buy a softshell turtle?

Mainly, 2 options are available for you if you want to buy a softshell turtle. Such as:

  1. Local pet stores
  2. Online pet stores: Tortoise Town, Backwater Reptiles, Underground Reptiles, CB Reptiles, The Turtle Source

There are some other ways to get a softshell turtle too. Read on to this article to know which stores sell rare softshell turtles or how much a softshell turtle may cost.

Where to buy softshell turtles?

I have already mentioned that you can buy softshell turtles at both online and offline pet stores. Personally, I recommend buying softshell turtles from physical stores. In this way, you can check the turtle’s health and other details.

Look for trusted pet shops in your area. You will get softshell turtles at an average price there. Also, the pet stores may bring any rare softshell turtle species at your request.

If you do not have the option to buy from the local pet stores, go for the online turtle shops. Over the past few years, many online turtle shops have earned the trust of the customers. A few renowned offline stores have launched an online service.

Now the main question is how you will find the trusted online pet shops. To save your time and energy, I have done thorough research and collected information on the most trusted online turtle shops for softshell turtles.

Here is a chart of online softshell turtle shops:

Shop NameAvailable Softshell turtle speciesShop Information
Tortoise TownSpiny softshell turtleThe Tortoise Town shop is operated by a bunch of experienced members. They have been selling turtles and tortoises for years now. They ensure the lively arrival of a healthy turtle at your doorstep. The shop provides a care sheet with each purchase.   Tortoise Town offers fast delivery and a 7-day health guarantee of the turtle. You may get a refund if the pet does not make the first-week in spite of providing proper care.   The shop does not allow cancellation if the shipment has already left the facility. If you cancel the order before, you may get a refund by following the shop rules. 
Backwater ReptileFlorida softshell turtle, Spiny softshell turtleThe Backwater Reptiles shop has a huge collection of not only turtles but also other reptiles like snakes, lizards, and tarantulas. You will get rare species here.   The shop offers both weekly and overnight shipping. For fast delivery, you may need to pay some extra bucks. No matter how many reptiles you order, the shipping cost will be the same.   The Backwater Reptile also guarantees the live arrival of any turtles or other reptiles. You will get a 7-days health guarantee on each purchase.
Underground ReptilesFlorida softshell turtles, Spiny softshell turtles, Leopard softshell turtle, Pastel softshell turtleYou will get a good collection of softshell turtles here. This shop has a strict service policy.   The Underground Reptiles will deliver the turtles and other reptiles following the week-long shipment schedule. Though the shop does not offer any refund or return policy, in some cases, they might consider your situation.   The shop has an expert packaging team. They ensure the animals get a suitable environment inside the box.   The company does not guarantee the live arrival of the turtles or reptiles.
CB ReptileLeopard softshell turtles, Spiny softshell turtlesThe order and delivery process of CB Reptile is the same as any other Turtle shop. You can have an overnight delivery by spending a little extra money or can request for the weekly shipment.   The shop will provide a care sheet for the specific species. They offer a 7-day health guarantee of any species. If the reptile does not make it to the first week even after following the caring procedure, the shop will replace the animal.
The Turtle SourceAlbino Chinese softshell turtles, Clown Florida softshell turtles, Florida softshell turtles, High orange Florida softshell turtles, Hybrid Florida, Spiny softshell turtles, Smooth softshell turtles, Spiny softshell turtlesThe Turtle Source is one of the oldest and largest online turtle shops. The owners have been breeding turtles for over 30 years. You will get various softshell turtle species here. The shop sells both the turtles and turtle supplies.   The shop offers both weekly and overnight shipments. They provide premium packaging and maintain the perfect temperature for the turtles in the box.   You will get a 7 days health guarantee on each purchase. If you find any inconvenience, you just need to file a complaint, and the core team will do their best to support you.

N.B: I have listed all these shops based on customer reviews. This page owner will not be responsible for any inconvenience.

I personally recommended Tortoise Town for online turtle shopping. You can check the page from this link. However, many online reptile shops sell softshell turtles. You can try them if you want.

How Much Do Softshell Turtles Cost?

If you are planning to buy a softshell turtle, you must be wondering how much it costs. Well, the price of a softshell turtle is not constant. It depends on various factors. Usually, the price ranges from $6 to $1995.

Here is a chart that indicates the average rate if different softshell turtle species:

Softshell Turtle SpeciesAverage Price Range
Chinese softshell turtle$40 – $400
Spiny softshell turtle$25 – $280
Albino Chinese softshell turtles$295 – $1995
Florida softshell turtles$6 – $280
Smooth softshell turtles$40 – $60
Crown Florida softshell turtles$1495 – $1995
Malayan softshell turtle$200++
Hybrid Florida and Spiny softshell turtle$70 – $190
Leopard softshell turtle$24 – $280
Pastel Florida softshell turtle$50++
High orange Florida softshell turtle$70++

Well, these are not the exact market rate of softshell turtles. The price can go up and down depending on the supply and demand. You must be thinking why the cost varies from one species to another. This is because the rate of a softshell turtle depends on various factors. Such as:

  1. Species
  2. Size
  3. age
  4. Gender
  5. Physical condition
  6. Area
  7. Availability

Check this article to know more about the costing of a softshell turtle.

Tips For Buying Softshell Turtle

You may be an experienced turtle keeper or a newbie. But here are some tips that may help you while buying your pet turtle:

  1. Check the turtle’s health before making the payments.
  2. If you are ordering on an online platform, make your requirements clear.
  3. You may get a discount if you buy the softshell turtle from a black market. But I highly discourage this act. The illegal pet trade is a curse to the softshell turtle wild population.
  4. Never take a wild softshell turtle as a pet.
  5. The softshell turtle hatchlings less than 4 inches should not be adopted as a pet. There is a high chance of getting Salmonella from these turtles.
  6. You can also adopt a softshell turtle from a breeder or any other turtle owner.


Softshell turtles are one of the most exclusive turtles you can add to your collection. Depending on the species, the turtle can be cheap or expensive. So, before buying the softshell turtles, consider the shop’s review and the market rate of the pet turtle.

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