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Why go from store to store just to buy a Sulcata tortoise? You can order the Sulcata tortoise of the size, age, and sex you want from your living room. All you need to do is to open the Internet.

I have the perfect one-stop solution to buy any tortoise and its housing supplies. XYZ Reptiles sells baby Sulcata tortoises at only $149, which is a pretty good deal. Besides a fast delivery, you get to pay off the money in 4 interest-free installments.

Why do I recommend XYZ Reptiles? What other options do you have to buy a Sulcata tortoise? Find out below!

Where Can You Buy Your Sulcata Tortoise?

In one of my previous articles, I showed you all available ways to get a Sulcata tortoise. You can purchase the pet from the nearest shop or a friendly neighbour.

Adopting the Sulcata tortoise from the rescue shelters is also a popular choice. Nowadays, keepers find it more comfortable to buy the tortoise from private breeders.

Going out and selecting the perfect Sulcata tortoise for yourself is definitely a fun experience. But it is also a hassle many buyers do not want.

So the easiest solution is to go online and buy the desired pet with just one click. The tortoise will be at your doorstep within 3 days max.

I know some people doubt the management of online pet stores. Well, yes, a few shops may not provide the service up to the mark. But most stores take the best care of the tortoises and ensure a smooth delivery.

There are other advantages of buying tortoises online too. Such as,

  • Your local pet store has a limited collection. Online stores, on the contrary, stock a wide range of exotic tortoise species.
  • Discounts are available on special occasions.
  • All kinds of supplies and tortoise foods are also available. So, you can buy the entire setup along with the tortoise with one click.
  • The delivery company will hand you the tortoise in the right condition at your door. So, no transportation issues whatsoever.

Available Stores For Sulcata Tortoise

The internet advertises tons of online pet stores. But yes, not all of them are authentic and trusted. I have come up with the 5 top-rated pet shops for you. Do visit their pages and inquire about the Sulcata tortoise or any other reptiles you want.

Store NamePrice RangeAdditional Information
XYZ Reptiles$149Only Sulcata tortoise hatchlings are available here. The babies are unsexed and not more than 2 – 3 inches.
Tortoise Town$229 – $1449You can buy Sulcata tortoises of any age from this shop. With an additional $15, you will get to select the sex of the purchased tortoise.
The Turtle Source$169 – $1595Some exotic Sulcata tortoise subspecies are available here. But the availability depends on the stock.
My Turtle Store$3495 – $6500Right now, only adult Sulcata tortoises are available in the shop.
CB Reptiles$249.95 – $2599The price goes by with the tortoise’s age, size, and subspecies. Here, you can select the gender of the tortoise for $12.

My Recommendation: I Shop From Here

As a tortoise and turtle hobbyist, I often use online portals to buy pet supplies and see the exotic species collection. I have shopped from all 5 stores mentioned earlier, and the experience is impressive. But the one store I absolutely recommend is XYZ Reptiles.

The store offers a competitive price. For example, the rate of the Sulcata tortoise hatchling is the lowest in this shop.

Just because the company offers a good deal, it does not mean the tortoises are defective. In fact, the stocked tortoises in the XYZ Reptiles inventory live in optimal condition. Moreover, they are taken care of by professionals. So, you will definitely receive a healthy tortoise.

The store guarantees 100% live arrival of the Sulcata tortoise or other animals. If the delivery man shows up with a dead pet at your door, you can file a complaint. The company will compensate you with another healthy tortoise.

Furthermore, a fast delivery is promised with XYZ Reptiles. Generally, the company processes the orders on Tuesday and Wednesday. Orders received throughout the week will be dispatched on these 2 days. However, you may expect a late delivery if the weather is out of balance.

Tortoise home supplies are also available on XYZ Reptiles. The shipping cost is free for these dry goods. You can also return or request a refund if the products are damaged or defective.

The best thing I found about XYZ Reptiles is the installment payment process. Yes, you can pay the whole amount spent on the tortoise in turns.

For example, the Sulcata tortoises are $149 right now. So, select the pay later option when checking out with PayPal to avail yourself of this offer.

You will be charged $37.25 today, and the same amount every 2 weeks in 4 turns. It means by week 6, you will be done with the payment. This offer is only available on PayPal and is totally interest-free.

So do check out XYZ Reptiles before making any purchase for better deals.

Before You Go…

The price of the Sulcata tortoise varies with age, size, and subspecies. For example, the Ivory or Double Het Sulcata tortoises are more expensive than the African Spurred Thigh tortoises. Catch more details in the attached article below.

How Much Does A Sulcata Tortoise Cost?

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