How Much Does A Sulcata Tortoise Cost?

How Much Does A Sulcata Tortoise Cost

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Are you thinking about welcoming a Sulcata tortoise to your home? If yes, then this is the article you need right now. Most of us have literally little or no knowledge of the price tag of a Sulcata tortoise, and as a result, we end up spending more than we have to. This article will cover everything related to a Sulcata tortoise buying cost and its life expense. So, how much does a Sulcata tortoise cost?

The market value of a Sulcata tortoise ranges from $45 to $6900. The price of this species goes up or down depending on its subspecies, size, age, gender, and other factors.

From where can you buy Sulcata tortoise at the best price? What is the yearly expense of a Sulcata tortoise? Read on to this article to get all your answers.

How Much Does A Sulcata Tortoise Cost?

Sulcata tortoises are the third largest tortoise species in the world. Can you imagine the size of these creatures? Usually, an adult Sulcata tortoise grows 25 to 32 inches big.

From the size and reputation, it might seem that Sulcata tortoises are expensive. But no.

Actually, the price of a Sulcata tortoise starts from $45, and it can go up to $6900 or more. Now, $45 does sound cheap. Right?

The African Spurred tortoise or Sulcata tortoise is more than available in the USA, UK, Canada, Canada, Africa, and most other countries. No wonder why the price of this tortoise species starts from $45.

Usually, you will get a baby Sulcata tortoise by spending $45 to $100. If you want a juvenile, increase your budget to $250.

However, adult Sulcata tortoises are costly, and the price ranges between $250 to $1500. You may have to spend extra bucks for some specific adult African Spurred tortoise.

Now let me remind you of one thing. Sulcata tortoises have other subspecies, and you have to count a fortune to get one of those.

There is a high demand for Albino Sulcata tortoises. Especially the USA tortoise hobbyists are collecting this exotic species out of curiosity and passion.

The baby Albino Sulcata tortoises cost around $230 to $600. A juvenile or adult one is more costly, and the price ranges from $1899 to $2499. The market value of the Albino Sulcata tortoise can go up to $6900 or more.

Another exotic species is the Ivory Sulcata tortoise. The baby Ivory Sulcatas are up for sale at a price starting from $210. The cost can go all the way up to $750. You need to pay $2700++ to get an adult Ivory tortoise.

Sudanese Sulcata tortoises have a track of growing larger and rounder than the traditional Sulcatas. As per the records, an adult Sudanese Sulcata tortoise might have a carapace of up to 42 inches.

Sudanese Sulcata tortoises are available in many pet stores. You may have to pay $150 to $220 for a hatchling, and a juvenile costs around $650.

Double Het Sulcata tortoise is the hybrid cross product of Ivory and Albino Sulcata tortoises. These tortoises are really rare, and only a few professional breeders breed this hybrid species.

A Double Het Sulcata tortoise hatchling sells at a minimum price of $500. The rate may go up depending on availability, demand, and other factors.

Here is a chart summarizing the price of Sulcata tortoise and its subspecies:

Sulcata Tortoise Price Range
African Spurred Tortoise$45 to $1500+
Ivory Sulcata Tortoise$217 to $2700+
Albino Sulcata Tortoise$230 to $6900+
Sudanese Sulcata Tortoise$150 to $650+
Double Het Sulcata Tortoise$500

You may not find the exotic Sulcata tortoises in the local turtle store. You can contact private breeders or trusted online shops to find out the availability.

Check this article to compare the Sulcata tortoise market rate to other tortoise species.

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Factors That Decide The Cost Of A Sulcata Tortoise

Why does a Sulcata tortoise cost $45 and another $6900? Why is such discrimination?

Well, the price of a Sulcata tortoise depends on various things. When a pet has all the favorable characteristics, its market value goes up. Here are some of the factors that influence the cost of a Sulcata tortoise,


The first thing that changes the Sulcata tortoise market value is its subspecies. Look at the price chart in the previous subsection. Where an African Spurred costs as low as $45, the selling price of Double Het Sulcata tortoise is $500.

The reason behind this huge price gap is the subspecies. African Spurred tortoises are more common than the Double Het Sulcatas.

Similarly, the Ivory Sulcata tortoise and the Albino Sulcata tortoise also cost more than the traditional one.


The age of a Sulcata tortoise also decides its price. I know it is difficult or somewhere impossible to determine the exact age of a Sulcata tortoise. So, the money goes up and down depending on the assumption.

The baby Sulcata tortoises cost less than the juvenile or adult ones. Why? Of course, because the store has to invest less on the hatchlings than on an adult. But yes, the old Sulcata tortoises do not cost much.


Age and size have a similar influence on the price of a Sulcata tortoise. While the babies are small, an adult Sulcata tortoise can grow more than 32 inches. Sulcata hatchlings cost as low as $45, where the adult one is around $6900.

Take a look at the growth rate of a Sulcata tortoise by clicking here.


Sulcata tortoises can get sick due to their surroundings or by birth. Pet stores often put them up for sale and offer a tempting discount on those defective tortoises. You can surely buy one on a hot deal.


The main reason why the African Spurred tortoise costs less is its availability. Experts suggest that a female African Sulcata lays 15 to 20 eggs in the nesting season. So, this species is more than available.

On the other hand, the Ivory Sulcata tortoise or the Albino Sulcata tortoise is rare and hardly found in a local store. A few professional breeders breed those subspecies. Instead of the unavailability, these tortoises are in market demand due to their beautiful appearance and docile nature.

Where To Buy Sulcata Tortoise?

Now you know the price of a Sulcata tortoise. Let’s discuss the shop options. Do you know the market rate of a Sulcata tortoise varies from store to store? So, it is wiser to compare the market first.

You have 4 options where you can buy a Sulcata tortoise. Such as,

  • Local pet store
  • Online tortoise shop
  • Private breeders
  • Adoption

I have researched the online tortoise shops and come up with a chart including the top reptile stores that sell Sulcata tortoises. I am adding the chart here so that you do not have to go through the trouble.

Trusted Online Tortoise Shops

Store Name Available Options Price Range Additional Information
XYZ.comBaby Sulcata Torotise$149A sale on Sulcata tortoises is going on right now, and the shop is offering a $50 discount. The seller guarantees the live arrival of the tortoise and fast delivery. Also, if there is an error on the shop’s end, accepts the cancellation, return and refund requests.
Tortoise TownCaptive-bred Sulcata hatchling, well-started baby, yearling, and juvenile.$229.95 to $1449Tortoise Town gives its customers the freedom to select the gender of the tortoise. But to avail of such an opportunity, the buyer has to pay an extra $10. Besides, the shop offers an overnight delivery service and a 7-day health guarantee for the pet.
The Turtle SourceAfrican Sulcata, Ivory Sulcata, Patterned Sulcata tortoises$119 to $3445Customer satisfaction is the main motto of Turtle Source. The store offers overnight shipping, live arrival of pets, a 7-day health guarantee of the purchased tortoise. Unfortunately, the shop has no return or refund policies.
My Turtle StoreBaby and adult Sulcata tortoise$219.95 to $3495The policies of My Turtle Store are indeed customer-friendly. The store backs up the health of the tortoise for 7 days. Not only that, you might request a return or refund if there is any mistake on the company’s end.
Tortoise SupplyBaby and juvenile Sulcata tortoises$115 to $375Tortoise Supply offers both home delivery and pick-up (only in North Las Vegas). Besides, the shop considers replacements or refunds in the cases of DOA or sickness of the tortoise within 7 days.
CB ReptilesAfrican Sulcata or Spurred tortoise, Albino Sulcata tortoise, Het Ivory Sulcata tortoise$229 to $2499CB Reptiles definitely has a unique collection of reptiles. Like most other tortoise shops, this store also ensures the 7-day health guarantee and live arrival of the pet.
Backwater ReptilesHatchling Sulcata tortoise$219.99Backwater Reptiles is popular for selling a wide collection of captive-bred reptiles. The policies of this shop might sound strict, but the service is top-notch. You can buy life insurance for your pet tortoise for the first 30 days by spending a few extra bucks.
Arizona SulcataSulcata tortoise, Albino Sulcata tortoise, Double Het Sulcata, Sudanese Sulcata$75 to $1500If you are looking for exotic Sulcata species, you must check the Arizona Sulcata website. The owner offers unique Sulcata tortoises at a reasonable price.

You can buy your Sulcata tortoise from any shop you want. I have summed up the chart so that you can easily compare the market rate of the species.

It is not mandatory to buy Sulcata tortoises online. Instead, visit the local pet stores, or contact the private breeders to collect your pet. You can also call the adoption agency to foster a Sulcata tortoise. Here is how you can adopt a tortoise.

Explore other buying options from this article.

How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Sulcata Tortoise?

As you can see, you can get a Sulcata tortoise by spending only $45, and the price can go up to $6900. So, you have the freedom to choose the subspecies, size, or other conditions of the pet according to your budget.

However, before getting that tortoise, think about the upcoming expenses. I know petting a tortoise is not costly. But as you are committing for 50 to 150 years, considering the financial aspect is always wiser. Yes, a Sulcata tortoise has a lifespan of about 150 years.

So, how much do you need to spend every year on the pet? According to many experienced tortoise keepers, keeping a Sulcata will cost you $150 to $700 annually. The budget will totally depend on your care level. I have met with tortoise hobbyists who spend more than $250 on a Sulcata every month.

Usually, you have to invest in the enclosure, supplies, food, and medical care for the tortoise. A Sulcata tortoise requires an open space when they start growing. So, managing space and ensuring its security can also cost you extra money.

Get an insight into the detailed expense of a tortoise by clicking here.


You need to spend only $45 to get a Sulcata tortoise. Well, the price might seem low, but the species is not cheap at all. You may have to pay more than $6900 to get an Exotic Sulcata tortoise.

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