Where To Buy Sulcata Tortoise?

Where To Buy Sulcata Tortoise

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Are you planning to welcome a Sulcata tortoise to your home? I know this moment is precious and overwhelming for any tortoise lover. But have you invested any thought about where to buy the Sulcata tortoise? Trust me when I say depending on the pet stores, the price and quality of a tortoise vary.

You have 4 legal options to buy or get a Sulcata tortoise. Such as,

  1. Local pet store
  2. Online tortoise shops
  3. Private breeders
  4. Adoption centers

No matter which option you choose, following a few ground rules is mandatory. Do not worry if you are a beginner. This article will cover everything you need to know while buying a Sulcata tortoise.

Where To Buy Sulcata Tortoise?

I will be lying if I say Sulcata tortoise does not impress me. Besides being the third-largest tortoise and having a unique personality, this species is social and forms a dearer bond to the owner. These are the reasons why the Sulcata tops the priority list of any tortoise lover.

If you are thinking of getting a Sulcata tortoise, gather as much information as you can about the species. For example, the Lifespan of the Sulcata, growth rate, etc. But before that, you should focus on the purchasing process.

The price and quality of the pet can vary depending on the store location and its popularity. You already know there are 4 places where you can get a Sulcata tortoise. Such as,

  • Local pet store
  • Online tortoise shops
  • Private breeders
  • Adoption centers

Usually, customers prefer local pet stores and online shops to get a Sulcata tortoise. Let’s explore the trusted online platforms that sell Sulcata before talking about other options.

Online Tortoise Shops

In this era of technology, who doesn’t love to shop online? What can be more tempting when you can purchase your desired pet and all its necessary items with just a single click?

Due to the high demand, online reptile stores are more than available now. Surprisingly, most shops provide quality service to the customers.

Buying and selling turtles or tortoises online is nothing new now. Yet, customers often find themselves in a state of confusion while selecting a store to purchase their pet tortoise. To release you from such stress, I am listing my favorite online tortoise shops.

Store Name Available Options Price Range Additional Information
XYZ.comBaby Sulcata Tortoise$149Customer reviews of XYZ.com service are pretty impressive. The store offers a live arrival guarantee of the pet and also places a return or cancellation request. The health quality of any reptile is much satisfactory.   I personally shop from this store because of their quality service, commitment to the customers, and of course, for providing 100% captive bred turtle or tortoise species.
Tortoise TownCaptive-bred Sulcata hatchling, well-started baby, yearling, and juvenile.$229.95 to $1449Both male and female Sulcata tortoises are available at the store. For any particular gender choice, customers have to pay $10 extra.   Tortoise Town offers an overnight delivery option with an additional fee. The store provides a 7-day health guarantee for any tortoise or reptiles delivered.
The Turtle SourceAfrican Sulcata, Ivory Sulcata, Patterned Sulcata tortoises$119 to $3445The Turtle Source undoubtedly offers a unique collection of Sulcata tortoises. Besides the overnight delivery facility and live animal guarantee, the shop has an excellent customer service system.
My Turtle StoreBaby and adult Sulcata tortoise$219.95 to $3495Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of My Turtle Store. The shop accepts a 14 days return and refund policy in case of any inconvenience.
Tortoise SupplyBaby and juvenile Sulcata tortoises$115 to $375Tortoise Supply store offers both home delivery and pick-ups for several pet items. The store has a 7-day health policy, and in cases of DOA, Tortoise Supply may issue you a refund.
CB ReptilesAfrican Sulcata or Spurred tortoise, Albino Sulcata tortoise, Het Ivory Sulcata tortoise$229 to $2499CB Reptiles is one of the trusted online tortoise shops. You will find a variety of turtles and tortoises up for sale here.   Like most other stores, CB reptiles also guarantee the live arrival of the pet. You will get a replacement if your pet dies within 7 days of delivery.
Backwater ReptilesHatchling Sulcata tortoise$219.99Backwater Reptiles have a fair and strict business policy. The company offers every facility a customer needs, for example, overnight delivery, 7-day health guarantee, refund, etc. Even with an extra fee, you can get a 30-days extended life guarantee of the purchased pet.

N.B. These recommendations are based on their customer reviews, reputation, and personal experiences. You can get your Sulcata tortoise from any online shop you prefer. If you face any inconvenience while shopping from the above shops, I will not share the blame.

Get A Sulcata Tortoise At Your Doorstep!

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  • If you can’t pay the full price, no worries! You can make the payment in 4 interest-free parts with PayPal!

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Other Options To Buy Sulcata Tortoise

Of course, online shops are not the only option you have to get a Sulcata tortoise. Experts and most tortoise enthusiasts suggest buying a reptile from the local or nearer pet stores. This way, you can directly check the pet’s condition and clear any doubts you have in your mind.

Ask your friends and family for any store recommendations. Compare two or three stores before making any purchase.

Recently, private breeders have also gained customer trust with their exceptional work. You can search on social media or look for renowned breeders in your region. However, make sure the breeder has all the certificates and licenses he needs for selling.

Do you know you can own a Sulcata tortoise through adoption? Many owners give their adorable pets up for adoption due to personal reasons. You can always contact them and give it a try.

Many tortoise rescue organizations also accept foster parenting or the adoption of pets. You need to go through an official procedure to get a Sulcata from them. However, though it is an adoption or fostering, the organization might charge you a minimum fee.

How Much Does A Sulcata Tortoise Cost?

The price range of a Sulcata tortoise ranges between $45 to $6900.

A gravid Sulcata tortoise lays up to 120 eggs a year. It makes the species available and common. Still, why do they cost so much?

Well, the Sulcata tortoise is considered one of the most adorable pets. Due to the unique personality and docile behavior, owners often prefer getting a Sulcata. As the species can lay as many as 6 clutches a year, there is enough supply of these tortoises. You will find a Sulcata in any pet store.

Though the African Sulcata or the Spurred tortoises come in at a cheap rate, the exotic species might cost you a fortune. African Spurred costs around $45 to $1500++, depending on the size and age. On the other hand, an Ivory Sulcata hatchling alone costs $230 to $750. The price of the adult ones can cross $2700.

Albino Sulcata is another rare and famous species. You have to pay up to $6900 or more for getting one of these species. Usually, the adult and female Sulcatas are more expensive than the babies or males.

Check out the latest price of Sulcata tortoise here.

Take a quick look at the chart here to find out the market rate of any tortoise species.

Is It Legal To Own A Sulcata Tortoise?

Sulcata tortoises are listed as endangered in some regions. But in many states of the USA, it is legal to get a Sulcata tortoise. You can buy this pet as long as the store has a license for selling the species.

One more thing. Many keepers buy the Sulcata hatchling just because it looks cute. And when the pet gets bigger, they take a step back. You must consider its adult size and long lifespan before welcoming it to your home. Remember, any wildlife authorities hardly take any responsibility for the pet tortoises.

What To Know Before Buying A Sulcata Tortoise?

Buying a Sulcata just because you are interested in the species is never a smart move. Do you know Sulcata tortoises are the third largest tortoise species and grow up to 32 inches? Have you thought about the space the pet would need?

Besides, the maintenance of a Sulcata can cost you $150 to $700 yearly. It means you need to have a financial backup to raise the pet no matter what. For all these reasons, I always suggest not to buy any pet in the heat of the moment.

Here are a few factors you should go through before making any purchase. Questioning yourself will clear any doubt and help you make a good decision.

  1. How big do Sulcata tortoises grow? Or how much space does a Sulcata tortoise occupy? – Though an indoor space works just fine for the Sulcata hatchlings, the adults need an outdoor enclosure to grow. Make sure you have a protected yard to accommodate the pet.
  2. Enclosure Set Up – Like all other tortoises, a Sulcata also requires special lighting, heating systems, or hiding places in its habitat. Check the price of each equipment to ensure that you can afford those.
  3. How Long Does A Sulcata Tortoise Live? – A Sulcata lives a longer life than most other turtles or tortoises. The species is blessed with a lifespan of 50 to 150 years. Ask yourself if you are ready for this long-term commitment.
  4. How Much Does A Sulcata Cost? How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Sulcata? – A Sulcata tortoise costs between $45 to $6900, depending on the species and availability. Look up different sources for the best deal on your desired Sulcata species. Also, you need to spend a minimum of $150 on the pet annually.
  5. What To Feed Your Sulcata Tortoise? – Sulcata tortoises feed on greens, grasses, and hays. To ensure healthy growth, you might have to add supplements to the diet list.

If you have no problem with any of the factors, you are ready to get a Sulcata tortoise. While buying the pet, ask the shop manager about its age and gender. Look for any deformities or signs of illness. And yes, ask for a care sheet for the Sulcata tortoise.

Never go to an illegal or black market shop just because they are offering you a great deal. Remember, the sold tortoises on the black market are not captive-bred. Instead, they hunt those tortoises down in the wild for double profit.


You can buy a Sulcata tortoise from your nearby pet store, an online tortoise shop, or any other source. The exotic species might cost you a fortune, but the price of the Spurred tortoise is within budget. Compare the market rate of the species before making the purchase. And avoid black market deals at any cost.

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