Penn Plax Turtle Topper Review: Best Above Tank Basking Platform?

penn plax turtle topper

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Turtle Topper is a great type of basking platform for turtles. Its main advantage is, it doesn’t take any space inside the tank. Moreover, your turtle will get to enjoy some additional space other than the tank inside the topper. That’s why I love them very much. If you talk about turtle topper, the first name that inevitably comes in mind is Penn Plax. In this article, I am going to thoroughly review Penn Plax Turtle Topper.

In this Penn Plax turtle topper review, you’ll get to know all its features, specifications, pros, cons and my final opinion whether you should invest in it. So, let’s get started!

An Overview of Penn Plax Turtle Topper

Penn Plax is a famous brand for producing high-quality reptile products. They are well known among turtle owners for producing multiple fantastic turtle products. Their latest product is Penn Plax Turtle Topper.

Penn Plax turtle topper is an amazing above the tank turtle basking platform. It is designed with keeping your turtle’s comfort and necessity in mind. This basking platform corporate everything a turtle needs when it is basking.

It provides you with a new way to interact with your turtle. The topper is made with a Jurassic Style theme. With this basking platform, your turtle can enjoy maximum swimming place inside the tank, as the platform doesn’t take any space inside your turtle tank. The dimension of the basking platform is 17 x 14 x 10 inches. It is designed to fit in most standard size glass aquariums. Tanks up to 55-gallon size and 12 inches wide are suitable for this topper.

The turtle topper is made of heavy-duty plastic. This is what makes the topper extremely durable. It also has an underwater resting platform where the turtle can rest while being partially submerged. As the topper comes with a docking ramp, the turtle can easily get on to the platform for basking.

The center of the topper has an easy-open grill feature which allows maximum penetration of UVB light to the basking platform. It is simply an All-In-One basking platform for your aquatic turtle.

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Why is Penn Plax Turtle Topper so popular?

  • With this turtle topper, your turtle gets to enjoy a more spacious and healthier aquatic environment. It also provides you a new way to interact with your turtle. As with this turtle topper, you can fill your tank up to 90%, most filtration restrictions are eliminated.
  • The basking platform is designed to fit most standard aquariums up to 55-gallon size.
  • The material is heavy duty plastic which is very durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.
  • The underwater resting platform lets your turtle rest while being submerged partially. It is a favorite place for my turtles.
  • The docking ramp lets your turtle get on to the basking platform very easily. It also reduces the chance of any accident.
  • The topper has a clear top so that you can observe your turtles if you want. It comes with two ridges where you can install two clamp style lamps. One should be a heat lamp and the other a UVB lamp.
  • The center of the plastic top has an easy to open grill feature. it allows maximum penetration of UVB to the basking platform, helping your turtle to get the necessary UVB as much as possible.

How to set up the turtle topper?

Penn Plax turtle topper is an above the tank turtle platform. So it sits above your turtle tank.

It is a box-shaped turtle platform. You just need to place it on the tank. It has expendable suction cups on both sides to secure the topper firmly with the aquarium.

The topper has an easy to climb, nicely inclined docking ramp which goes partially inside the water. It helps the turtle to get onto the platform. The platform is enclosed with a clear top. The top has two ridges on both sides of it for setting up two lamps.

There is also another platform below the main platform of the turtle topper. It is known as the hanging platform. Turtles chill here being partially submerged. As the whole topper is enclosed, you don’t have to worry about the turtle escaping.

The center of the plastic top is grilled. So, it allows both air and UVB into the basking platform. The docking ramp has a marking on it labeled as “Maximum water height”. Make sure that your tank’s water level doesn’t cross that mark.

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  • Doesn’t take any space inside the turtle tank. So, your turtles get to enjoy more swimming place
  • Penn Plax turtle topper is an All-In-One basking platform. It has a ramp for the turtle to easily get onto the platform. The plastic top has two ridges for setting up two clamp style lamps.
  • The topper has an underwater resting area. Most turtles love this area a lot. Here they can rest while being partially submerged.
  • The dimension of the topper is suitable for most standard size aquariums. So, you don’t have to worry about fitting.
  • The plastic top has an easy to open grill in the central. It allows maximum UVB to the basking area. The grill also prevents any escape of your little daredevil.
  • As the topper sits above the tank, you can fill the tank up to 90% with water. As a result, it eliminates most filtration restrictions.
  • The body is made of heavy-duty plastic which is not only durable but easy to clean.
  • The topper is adjustable and can fit tanks of different sizes.
  • Can handle turtles up to 10 inches long.
  • The topper is designed in a natural looking theme. So, it feels more natural to the turtle.


  • The dimension of the topper is 17 x 14 x 10 inches
  • The weight is about 5.5 pounds
  • It can fit tanks up to 55 gallons size and 13 inches wide.
  • Suitable for turtles up to 10 inches long

What I Love About this Turtle Topper:

  • I love the fact that the turtle topper comes with suction cups. These suction cups are expandable and can fit on a large variety of tanks. They secure the topper firmly with the tank. It ensures the topper won’t fell off for any reason.
  • The docking ramp of this topper is excellent. Not only it looks cool, it also has a gentle inclination so the turtle can get onto the platform easily. The ramp also has ladder style stripes across it, so the turtle can climb it easily.
  • The clear top of this turtle topper is what amazed me most. I have never seen such unique design in anywhere else. The top can support two clamp style lamps in both of its ridges. The center of the top also has an easy to open grill which allows maximum UVB to the platform.
  • The resting platform aka hanging dock is a unique addition to this turtle topper. My turtles go crazy on it. It is a small platform a little below the turtle topper. Turtle can relax here being partially submerged.
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Things I Didn’t like:

  • I think the inside of the platform can be more comfortable. It is just plain plastic which can be uncomfortable for the turtle in some cases. if you want, you can add some sand or soil in it.
  • If you have a large turtle, it may knock down the ramp while getting onto the basking platform.
  • As the platform is made of plastic, if the lamps are too close to the topper, the plastic may start to melt or deform. So, you need to out the lamps at a safe distance from the topper.

My Personal Opinion:

To be honest, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get Penn Plax turtle topper for your turtle tank. It is an awesome all-in-one basking solution for your turtle. With this platform, you don’t have to think about where to place the lamps or how to get a ramp. Everything is done for you.

The one thing you need to be a bit careful is, don’t place the bulbs too close to the platform, otherwise, it may start to melt or deform. Setting up the platform is a no-brainer, even a child can do it! So if you ask me, I’ll recommend every turtle owner to give this basking platform a try. I know it is not errorless, but it is the best out there right now in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a turtle topper?

A turtle topper is a kind of above the tank basking platform for turtles. It is designed in such a way that you can set it up above the tank. So, it doesn’t use up any place inside the tank. These types of basking platforms are actually excellent for aquatic turtles.

Where to buy turtle topper?

You can buy a turtle topper either from your local pet shop or online. Amazon has a good deal on Penn Plax turtle topper. Click here to check it out!

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