Perfect Tank Mates For Mississippi Map Turtle

Tank Mates For Mississippi Map Turtle

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Are you looking for the perfect tank mate for your Mississippi map turtle? Have you tried many buddies, but none of them cope up with your pet turtle? Then this article could be just the thing you are looking for.

As Mississippi map turtles are passive and timid, the owner often gets confused while finding the perfect tank mate. Tetra, the Cichlids, and some other species can be good tank mate for your pet map turtle.

In this article, I will discuss all possible tank mates for your Mississippi map turtle. After reading the article, you will find the best compatible tank companion for your pet.

Compatible Tank Mates For Mississippi Map Turtle

There are many living creatures you can put in the tank with your pet turtle, but some may not be ideal considering the environment and the turtle’s behavior. So which species will be a better companion for the Mississippi map turtle? 

Here I am enlisting some species that you can put inside the Mississippi map turtle’s enclosure.

Good Tank Mates For TurtlesBad Tank Mates For Turtles
Koi FishShrimps
Neon TetrasGoldfish
Comet GoldfishAny fish with fancy large tails
Fishes with agile swimming speedSlow moving fishes that are easy to catch

Koi fish 

Koi fish is very popular as a turtle tank mate. As this species is available in different color variants, often the owners put them inside the tank for decorative purposes. You will get the koi fish in black, blue, cream, purple, red, orange, and yellow color. 

The fish is compatible with the Mississippi map turtle not only for its color variant but also for its characteristics. The species is omnivorous and can keep the tank clean by eating foodscapes. Again, some Koi fish species can get very big. Those are perfect for the outdoor turtle habitats.


Snails can be an ideal tank mate for the Mississippi map turtles. Because snails are omnivorous, they can eat the foodscapes from the bottom of the tank. Snails have different species, like Pond snail, mystery snail, Apple snail, Columbian snail, and various size ranges.   

You have to choose the snail, depending on the size of the Mississippi map turtle.

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra is another popular turtle tank mate. They are speedy, and so the Mississippi map turtles can not catch them. Again, the species is omnivorous and does not grow up to 1.2 inches.


Oscars are one of the best tank mates for the Mississippi map turtle. They are carnivorous and can churn out the tank wastage. Oscars can grow up to 12 inches, but they do not harm the pet turtles. Also, I recommend putting these inside the tank only if the volume of the enclosure is more than 75 gallons.


There are two types of Cichlids you can put in the tank with a turtle. But for Mississippi map turtle, I always consider the Convict Cichlids. This species grows around 6 inches and does not mess with the turtle. And also, the Mississippi map turtle’s enclosure is suitable for it.

Comet Goldfish

Though you can keep goldfish in the same tank with the Mississippi map turtle, I suggest you avoid the creature if you can. If you want them so bad, then go for the Comet goldfish. These are quick, small, and can grow around 4 inches.

Among all of them, 4 species will make the perfect tank mate for the Mississippi map turtle.

  1. Neon Tetra
  2. JD Fish
  3. Oscars Fish
  4. Convict Cichlids

Avoid These

I have discussed the compatible tank mates for the Mississippi map turtle. There are some other living creatures too that are attractive as a pet, but you should avoid putting them inside the pet’s enclosure. 

Here are the species you should never make a Mississippi map turtle’s tank mate.

  1. Pumpkinseed
  2. Crayfish
  3. Piranha
  4. Plecostomous
  5. Powerful Fish
  6. Lobster
  7. Frogs
  8. Reptiles

Can Mississippi Map Turtles Live With Tropical Fishes?

Mississippi map turtles can live with the tropical fishes depending on the species. But I recommend not putting them together in an enclosure.

The main reason is some tropical fishes have long tails and fishes. They try drawing attention, and that is why the Mississippi map turtle can attack them. Some fishes can move fast, whereas some can not. So, it is better to avoid tropical fishes.

Can Frogs And Mississippi Map Turtles Live In A Single Enclosure?

The answer is, NO. You should never force these two species to live in an enclosure. Because they have very different habits, and their requirements are not similar. Also, if both the species are healthy, they can end up in an ugly fight.


I hope you have found the perfect tank mate for your pet, Mississippi map turtle. Finding a compatible partner is important because the tank environment partially depends on it. I hope the article was helpful to you.

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