How Much Do Turtles Weigh? [Different Species]

how much do turtles weigh

The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research.

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We, humans, monitor our weight constantly. But do you know that monitoring your turtle’s weight is also essential? Especially if you breed them. Previously I have talked a lot about the particularities about painted turtles regarding length, size, gender, etc. In this article, I’ll give a general idea regarding how much do turtles weigh.

Now it’s time to talk about the weight of a turtle. I’ve tried to depict the ideal weight of turtles in this article. It is to be noted that a significant change (increase or decrease) in your turtle’s weight may be an indication to talk to your vet.

Here, I have mentioned the weight range of different turtle species:

How much does a baby turtle weigh?

Normally the weight of turtles can start from 3 to 4 pounds and can extend up to 100 pounds. Well, there is no exact that of a baby turtle but as per records, the world’s smallest turtle is speckled cape tortoise. This turtle weighs 5 ounces that are 142 grams.

How much do red-eared sliders weigh?

Red-eared sliders are very famous among various pet turtle species. A fully mature red-eared slider weighs approximately 6.61 lbs (or 3 kilograms). This is an approximate only for matured fully grown red eared sliders.

How much does a painted turtle weight?

The weight of female painted turtles can be up to 500 grams. The male turtles are comparatively smaller than female turtles and they may weigh up to 300 grams. The extra weight in the female painted turtles helps to support their eggs during the season of reproduction.

How much does a sea turtle weigh?

Sea turtles are a wonder to everybody. This species has been living since the age of dinosaurs. The smallest sea turtle is Kemp’s Ridley that weighs 80 to 100 lbs (or 36 to 45 kilogram). On the other hand, the largest sea turtle, leatherback weighs over 2000 lbs (or 997 kilograms).

Some other sea turtle species:

  • Green sea turtle weighs about 372 lbs (or 160 kilograms).
  • Loggerhead turtle weighs about 372 lbs (or 160 kilograms).

How much does a box turtle weigh?

Box turtles are typically 4 to 5 inches long. They weigh about 1 to 2 pounds depending on the size. Typically the females are larger than the males.

How much do map turtles weigh?

Map turtles are an expensive species among turtles. The male map turtles weigh between 150 to 400 grams or 5.3 to 14.1 oz. On the other hand, the female map turtles weigh about 1.5 to 5.5 lbs or .67 to 2.5 kilograms.

How much does a tortoise weigh?

The main difference between tortoise and turtle is, tortoises mainly live on land. The weight of tortoises can’t be specified accurately but as per subspecies, a general range of weight is mentioned below:

  • African spurred tortoise weighs about 90 to 100 lbs (or 42 to 45 kilograms).
  • Gopher tortoise weighs about 12 lbs (or 5.5 kilograms).
  • Speckled tortoise weighs about .35 lbs (or 95 to 160 grams).

How much does a giant tortoise weigh?

Giant tortoises, the name itself says that they must weigh a lot and they actually do. They can be pretty huge in size compared to other species of tortoises. A giant tortoise weighs around 919 lbs (or 417 kilograms) and can grow up to 4 feet 3 inches long.

How much do Aldabra tortoises weigh?

Aldabra tortoises are one of the largest tortoise species in the world and they weigh much heavy compared to others. The general weight of Aldabra tortoise is about 550 pound. If we divide it by gender, the female Aldabra tortoise weighs about 350 lbs (or 159 kilograms) whereas the male Aldabra tortoise weighs about 550 lbs (or 250 kilograms).

According to studies and records, it has been found that a medium-sized Aldabra tortoise weighs 150 to 240 lbs (or 70 to 110 kilograms).

So, these are the approximate weight of turtles according to different species. While determining the weight of turtles you need to make sure that your turtle is fully grown.



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