Do Turtles Eat Fish Eggs?

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I was concerned about the fish in my pond when I heard turtles eat fish eggs some days back. However, growing turtles and fish in the same pond makes me more anxious. So the question is, do turtles eat fish eggs? 

Some aquatic, snapping, freshwater, and painted turtles eat fish eggs. Basically, turtles are opportunist eaters, they often eat all the nearby food sources. It varies with their food habits, dietary requirements, and habitats. 

But are all turtles fond of fish eggs? Is there any way to save the fish eggs from turtles? Keep reading to find the answers and learn more about the turtle’s instincts. 

Key Takeaways

  • Some aquatic turtles are fond of fish eggs because they think of them as their potential food source. 
  • Pond turtles, like freshwater, snapping and painted turtles, often eat the fish eggs and destroy fish nests. 
  • Turtles can smell the eggs and find out fish nests to consume them. 
  • However, turtles mostly eat salmon and bluegill’s eggs
  • Eating fish eggs isn’t harmful for turtles, it can be a good nutritional source. 
  • It’s a life threat to the fish population if turtles consume fish eggs. 
  • Arrange physical barriers near the fish eggs to protect them from turtles. 
  • Female sea turtles consume their own eggs if they find them dead. 

Do Turtles Eat Fish Eggs In The Ocean? 

The loggerhead and green sea turtles eat fish eggs in the ocean.

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It’s one of the necessary foods for their regular diet. Generally, a sea turtle’s diet contains algae, seagrasses, crabs, seaweed, jellyfish, and shrimp. 

According to researchers, some sea turtles often grab fish eggs and eat them instantly, even though it’s not part of their daily meal plan. Once turtles traced the area where the fish lay their eggs frequently, they took the chance as quickly as possible and consumed some eggs.  

Do Turtles Eat Fish Eggs In The Ponds? 

I was quite curious to find out if my turtles in the pond eat fish eggs or not. That’s why I’ve observed the snapping turtles and painted turtles in my pond, as most researchers claim these turtles are fond of fish eggs. 

After some days of deep observation, I’ve seen they eat fish eggs. 

And they especially love to eat Bluegill’s egg. 

However, I’ve also talked to other turtle owners with ponds. They’ve noticed snapping turtles are madly in love with fish eggs. 

Apart from their everyday meal, these turtles consume Bluegill’s egg often. But that doesn’t mean all snapping or painted turtles eat fish eggs. It can vary with the behavior and taste buds of different turtles. 

Can Turtles Eat Salmon Eggs?

According to the basic diet of turtles, they won’t eat fish eggs. But when some turtles come across salmon eggs, they can eat them if they smell it. Usually, turtles consume what they like. 

If turtles eat salmon eggs, it won’t be harmful to their health because it has a sufficient nutritional source for them. 

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These eggs are full of protein and vitamins. It can make a turtle’s diet better when they consume fish eggs. Here is the nutritional status of 100 grams of salmon egg: 

Components Quantity 
Calories Approx.135 kilocalories 
Protein 30 grams 
Fat 10 grams 
Selenium 67 micrograms. 
Fatty acids 1,550 milligrams 
Vitamin B12 7.6 micrograms 
Vitamin DDepends on the egg quality 
salmon fish egg

What Is The Impact Of Turtle Eating Fish Eggs? 

It’s harmful to the fish population if turtles eat fish eggs. However, this also causes ecological imbalance. The behavior of fish changes over time, and they become more cautious to save themselves from the predation of turtles. 

In addition to that, some freshwater turtles destroy fish nests when they smell the eggs. In that case, you need to be more careful. You can separate the fish eggs from the turtles. Thus, use mesh to create a protective barrier to save the eggs from turtles.  

Do Turtles Eat Their Eggs?

Adult turtles don’t eat their eggs. Some turtle species hide their eggs in soil or sand. They want to save the eggs from potential predators and ecological changes. 

It’s their survival technique. When the eggs hatch, baby turtles transfer into the water. And turtle also eats their egg if it’s dead because it seems like a protein source for them.

Usually, female turtles dive into the water after laying eggs. But if no male turtles are nearby, they eat their eggs after a certain time. So, it’s necessary to keep male and female turtles together. 

Pet Turtle Diet Feeding Chart infographic

Before You Go…

I hope now you understand how can turtles eat fish eggs. If you are growing your turtles, it’s time to separate their nest from the fish, especially when laying eggs.

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It’s safe for the turtles but not for the fish population. Are you interested in learning more about turtle’s uncommon habits or whether the turtles are safe for ponds or not?  Then, have a look at the articles given below. 

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