Can You Hold A Map Turtle?

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We, pet turtle owners, feel happy when we play with our turtles. Even if we love them, we have to maintain some cautions for the betterment of both parties. Adopting an aquatic species like map turtle can often raise some questions in our minds. Is it safe to hold the map turtles with hands, or how can we handle them?

I will give you a positive answer if you ask me. You can hold your pet map turtles with your hands. It is safe as long as the turtle does not contain any transmissive diseases.

Many of us do not know how to handle a map turtle or what precautions we should follow while playing with them. So, this article will be all about these. I will discuss how we can hold a map turtle in our hands and what else to do.

The Proper Way To Hold Your Map Turtle

Many of us do not know there is an appropriate way of holding the map turtle. If you pick the turtle in a hurry or carry it with force, the turtle will be stressed and bite you. So, you have to be gentle while handling your pet map turtle.

You have to use both your hands while holding the turtle. Place your hand on the shell between the front and the back legs. This way, you will be able to maintain a balance.

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Do not hold your map turtle with one hand, even if you are a professional. The map turtles can be stressed out soon and try to free themselves. They start biting, wiggling, kicking, and clawing.

As the map turtles are slippery, they can fall if you are not careful and holding with one hand. That is why it is the best way to catch them with both your hands.

Things You Need To Remember While Handling Your Map Turtle

I have told you how to hold your map turtles in an appropriate way. But there are some other things you need to know regarding handling your map turtle. 

  • Never hold or pick up your map turtle by its tail. If you put much pressure, it will depart the bones in the tail. It is excruciating for the map turtle.
  • Sometimes, we need to turn our map turtles for many reasons. You should not flip the turtle quickly. Instead, give the turtle at least 2 seconds to catch up with the situation.
  • If you ever need to rotate your map turtle, do it head over the tail.
  • Never rotate or turn the map turtle over its side. It can twist the pet’s intestine, which is painful. In severe cases, the map turtle can die.
  • Whenever you rotate or turn the map turtle, do a 360-degree flip instead of a 180-degree flip.
  • Avoid making any hand gestures while holding your pet turtle. The turtle can be panicked by the sudden movements.
  • Never tap or strike on the map turtle’s shell. Some may think that map turtles can not feel anything on its shell, but that is not true. Shell is a part of their body, and they can feel it.
  • If your map turtle’s shell is soft for any reason, avoid holding it by the back edge of it. The turtle’s shell will be damaged by the pressure.
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Is It Safe To Hold Map Turtles?

I am sure you are thinking about Salmonella. Some turtles indeed carry these bacteria, but in most cases, it is not life-threatening. Again, we can avoid the disease by following some precautions.

  1. Wash hands
  2. Do not hold your map turtle’s when you are sick.
  3. Consult a vet

Wash Hands

It is the essential rule for all the turtle keepers. It does not matter if your turtle is sick and carry bacteria or not, you have to wash your hands before and after holding the map turtle.

Salmonella is a transmitting disease which is carried out by the turtle’s poop. As the map turtle poops in the water, so the pet gets the germ while swimming. So, when you hold the turtle, you get the bacteria too.

If you do not wash your hands immediately after holding your pet map turtle, you may get the disease and make others sick too.

Do Not Hold Your Map Turtle’s When You Are Sick

When we get sick, our immune system gets weak. So if your map turtle is ill and carrying various bacteria, your weak immune system will fail to fight them.

If you do not have anyone who can help you with the turtle, then be very careful while holding the pet. Do not touch the pet more than necessary and wash your hands.

Consult A Vet

Do a regular checkup of your map turtle. It is for the safety of everyone. If the turtle is sick or carrying Salmonella, take the necessary steps. Regular checkups may be a little expensive, but it will benefit you and your pet in the long run.

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Holding your map turtle is a very basic thing, and you can not avoid it. So, it is better to know how to handle the pet properly. In this article, I have tried to illustrate the fundamental things everyone avoids. I hope this information will help you to handle your map turtle well.

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