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Cherry head tortoises make excellent pets for beginners. The bright cherry-like head and red legs make these turtles aesthetically pleasing to watch. Unfortunately, this exotic species is not widely available in the local stores. So, you need to search for cherry head tortoises online.

I personally shop from XYZ Reptiles, one of the trusted online pet stores. With XYZ Reptiles, you get a fast delivery and a 100% live arrival guarantee for the pet. Recently, the store launched an EMI payment system so anyone can afford exotic pets regardless of budget.

Explore other online options to buy cherry head tortoises from below.

Where To Buy The Perfect Cherry Head Tortoise?

Of course, your local pet store should always be the first stop before buying any tortoise. But let’s face the truth.

Maximum local reptile stores only showcase common pets. Hence, the chances of getting the exotic cherry head tortoise in your area shop are low.

So, what are your options? Well, you can head to the fancy pet shop in another area or sit back and order online.

I know that trust issues suddenly come to the scene when ordering tortoises online! Will the pet make it to your home? Are the delivery companies responsible enough to carry the tortoise safely? All these questions are valid.

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Surprisingly, the online stores are considerate and put all their efforts into making the shipment seamless. I have personally shopped from different online reptile shops, and the overall experience is commendable.

Online Stores For Cherry Head Tortoise

More or less, all online stores sell cherry head tortoises. You can just google to find out the shop names and price ranges. However, I have also made a list of popular tortoise stores for you.

Store NamePrice RangeAdditional Information
XYZ Reptiles$299Unsexed cherry head tortoise hatchlings of 3 to 4 inches are available in XYZ Reptiles. The original rate for the babies is $349. But these tortoises are on sale, so a discount is available right now.
Tortoise Town$449.95 – $899.95While the baby cherry head tortoises are the cheapest, the juveniles are the most expensive. You can choose the gender of the ordered tortoise by adding an extra $15 from this store.
Tortoise Mart$400 – $950The store sells captive-bred cherry head tortoises of all categories (hatchling, juvenile, and adult).
Tort Stork$225 – $275This shop only offers cherry head tortoise hatchlings.$369 – $3499From hatchlings to young adults, cherry headed tortoises of all ages are available here. Yes, the adult tortoises will cost you nearly 3.5k dollars.

I have shopped from all these stores above. Tortoise Town and are my all-time favorites. But the store I am totally hooked on is XYZ Reptiles. I prefer buying the exotic turtle and tortoise species from this shop rather than the local stores.

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Why Choose XYZ Reptiles Over Others?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not insisting you buy your cherry head tortoise or any other reptiles from XYZ Reptiles. You can shop from any online or offline mart you like. I am just stating the facts why I prefer this store over others.

1. Healthy & Fit Tortoise

I am lucky to talk to the core team of XYZ Reptiles. As far as I am informed and have seen, the store only sells healthy animals.

An expert team is in charge of maintaining the optimal housing condition for the tortoises. Again, a group of loving staff take care of the pets.

So, no compromise on the tortoise’s health and raising condition. As a result, when I welcome the newly bought tortoise into my home, it easily adapts to the environment.

2. Transparent With The Customers

The beginner tortoise keepers have little knowledge of how to buy the tortoises. Some unethical businessmen take advantage of their naivety and overcharge them for the tortoise and supplies. It can be both online and offline.

Honestly, you do not have to face such issues with XYZ Reptiles. The amazing management team ensures you get the pet within your budget.

3. All Supplies For Tortoise Is Available

Well, I have been keeping turtles and tortoises for years. So, DIYing the reptile housing equipment is a cup of tea for me. But for the newbies, going with the commercial kits is a wise decision.

Luckily, XYZ Reptiles sells tortoise food and housing supplies. So, you can order the essentials along with the tortoise. The shipping of the dry supplies is free in such cases.

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4. Live Arrival Assurance

The store promises a 100% live arrival guarantee for the tortoises. The shop will offer you compensation if it is dead when it reaches your door.

Don’t worry! The store will not take any money for this service. But yes, you must be present when the package is delivered.

5. Well-Organized Delivery Structure

The XYZ Reptiles deliver all over the United States except for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, P.O. Boxes, APOs, or FPOs. You will get a fast delivery in any other region.

The company ships reptiles on Tuesday and Wednesday only. XYZ Reptiles sales team processes the orders in the evenings to avoid stressing the animals. You will get a tracking email afterwards after 7 pm on these days.

Sometimes the company holds the shipment if the weather condition is unstable. It is for the animals’ safety.

Bonus Trick: To get an overnight delivery, choose the express service by paying an extra $59.

6. Cancellation Available

Unfortunately, XYZ Reptiles do not accept returns of tortoises or any other animals. But yes, the store allows you to cancel your order with a $10 penalty. You get your refund within 5 business days and receive only credits if the package is marked as a gift.

You can return the tortoise supplies if they are damaged or defective. Expect an exchange or refund if the claim fits the requirements.

7. Smooth Payment & Installment Process

XYZ Reptiles accepts payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Recently, the company has launched the EMI options on live reptiles. It means you can buy exotic, expensive animals today and pay them off over the year.

For example, the cherry head tortoise is $299. If you decide to pay on EMI, the available packages are $54.49/mo for 6 months and $27.42/mo for 12 months.

The store charges the usual 18% interest over the original price. You can avail of this payment mode only via PayPal.

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