Where To Buy Healthy & Affordable Baby Elongated Tortoises Online?

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Buying an elongated tortoise in a physical mart comes with several hassles. Transportation issues and high prices are two of them. Therefore, I always encourage keepers to purchase their exotic elongated tortoise from any trusted online store.

XYZ Reptiles is a credible shop that sells captive-bred baby elongated tortoises at only $199. The store raises the tortoises in an optimum environment and ensures a healthy life for the pets in captivity. Again, the shop’s delivery, customer care, and EMI payment services are recommendable.

I always recommend XYZ Reptiles because of their dedicated service and pet quality. Of course, there are other stores that sell baby elongated tortoises. Find out more about the shops and their policies below.

Available Options To Buy Healthy & Affordable Elongated Tortoises (Online & Offline)

Local pet stores are the go-to place for most owners to buy a new tortoise. However, with the availability of online shops, keepers are now turning to e-commerce sites to get a pet at a better deal.

So yes, both online and physical shops are great places to purchase your elongated tortoise. You can also get the pet from a licensed private breeder.

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Sometimes, animal rescue centers put abandoned pets for adoption or fostering at a bare minimum charge. Contacting the shelters can also be a way to get an elongated tortoise.

Among all these options, I feel more comfortable with online purchases. Some of the popular shops with available elongated tortoise stocks are mentioned below,

Store NamePrice RangeAdditional Information
XYZ Reptiles$199XYZ Reptiles sells captive-bred baby elongated tortoises of 2 – 4 inches. Elongated tortoises are rare and exotic species. Hence, the store offers a 6-month and 12-month EMI package to pay the bills in installments.   Besides the live tortoise, you can also order tortoise enclosure supplies and food from the store. The shop dispatches all orders on Tuesday and Monday. Therefore, expect delivery around these days.   Cancellation is possible with a $10 penalty as long as the order is not shipped. Again, the return is unavailable for live animals but only for supplies.
The Turtle Source$189 – $495You will find Elongated tortoises of all ages and genders in The Turtle Source. The store provides a 7-day health guarantee on captive-bred tortoises. An overnight shipment service is available with an extra charge.
Tortoise Town$229 – $289The Tortoise Twon mostly sells captive-bred baby elongated tortoises. You need to pay an extra $15 to select the gender of the ordered pet.   This store dispatches all the week’s orders from Monday to Thursday. So, expect the shipment around these days.   Finally, you receive a 7-day health assurance from the shop. But the company will only compensate for sick or dead tortoises after a thorough investigation.
BackwaterReptiles.com$199The BackwaterReptiles offer captive-bred elongated tortoises at a competitive price. Other benefits the store offers are the freedom of selecting the gender and a live arrival guarantee for the pet.
Redfoot Ranch$185You can check out Redfoot Ranch for baby elongated tortoises, especially if you are on a budget. The store offers both overnight and standard shipment services.   Cancellation options are available prior to shipment. The shop will deduct a small charge in such cases.   Redfoot Ranch provides the live arrival of the tortoises. If the tortoise appears dead on arrival, inform the sales team with proof immediately.

N.B. Please do thorough research before making an online purchase. Turtle Hub will take no responsibility if you receive a bad experience from any of the abovementioned shops.

What Is My Recommendation? I Buy From Here

I have shopped for tortoises and supplies from different online stores. Though the majority of shops value their customers, some are extremely rude and unprofessional.

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Tortoise Town and The Turtle Source are two of my favorite stores online. Yet, my personal recommendation will always be XYZ Reptiles for buying elongated tortoises or other species. The reasons are,

1. Captive-Bred Baby Tortoises

You will find business people selling wild-caught tortoises just for extra profit. But remember, these tortoises may not adapt well to the indoor environment and eventually die. Due to this reason, experts always encourage raising captive-bred tortoises as pets.

As far as I am concerned, XYZ Reptiles sells captive-bred elongated tortoises. So, you do not have to worry about the tortoise’s compatibility with the home surroundings.

2. Quality Matter

XYZ Reptiles staff raise their tortoises and other animals with love and care. The store maintains an optimal environment to make the pets thrive. Also, a dedicated team of experts looks after the animals.

Thus, you can be assured of the tortoise’s quality and health.

3. Reasonable Price

The original price of a baby elongated tortoise at XYZ Reptiles is $249. The species is currently on sale, and the rate is $199.

Of course, you will get elongated tortoises at a cheaper rate. But considering the quality and service, the cost is worth it.

4. Widers Collection

Unlike the local pet stores and many online marts, XYZ Reptiles has a huge collection of tortoise species. In fact, you will find any exotic and rare pets like elongated tortoises here too.

5. All-In-One

Besides selling tortoises and other animals, XYZ Reptiles also stocks their home supplies. So, this store can be your one-stop solution for pet shopping.

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6. Smooth Delivery

XYZ Reptiles are very strict about dispatching the orders on Thursday and Wednesday. Generally, it takes one day for the shipment to reach the destination. Therefore, order around these 2 days for fast delivery.

However, request an overnight shipment with extra cost for the fastest delivery.

One more thing. XYZ Reptiles can hold your shipment if the weather is harsh for the tortoises.

7. Return & Cancellation

XYZ Reptiles is confident about the live arrival of tortoises and other animals. So, no return option is available for live animals. Anyhow, you can request a return on the supplies and dry goods.

Cancellation of any order is possible prior to shipment. The store will deduct $10 as a third-party charge and refund your money within 5 days.

8. Buy-In Installments

Very few online pet stores allow their customers the installment payment feature. Luckily, you get to use this buy-now-pay-later advantage at XYZ Reptiles.

The shop has 2 packages to pay off the EMI, one is for 6 months, and another is for 12 months. In both ways, the interest rate is only 18%. Choose the PayPal payment to avail of this offer.

9. 24/7 Customer Service

Yes, you will always find someone on the other end to answer your queries at XYZ Reptiles. When the agent is away, an automated program will assist you with your order.

10. Crazy Customer Reviews

If you assess XYZ Reptiles with customer reviews, the store will get 10/10. Each and every completed order has an average rating of over 4 stars. I personally believe that the shop deserves a 5 star because it prioritizes the customers over anything.

Have a look at the XYZ Reptiles tortoise collection yourself!

Before You Go…

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