Are Turtle Eggs Soft?

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There are endless myths about turtle eggs. Of course, I can not debunk all of them in one article. Let me give you a clear image of what the turtle eggs look like.

Turtle eggs can be either soft or hard, depending on the species. Sea turtles lay soft and squashy eggs. In the primary stage, all turtle eggs have a rubbery texture. As they mature, they develop a hard shell. Turtle eggs can be white to creamy in color and are either totally round or oblong.

I have shared more facts in the article below.

Key Takeaways

  • Sea turtle eggs have a soft and rubbery texture.
  • Turtle eggs have slight similarities with snake eggs.
  • Regardless of the species, turtle eggs are small.

Do Turtle Eggs Feel Soft?

You will find no straightforward answer to this question. Why? This is because the eggshell texture solely depends on the turtle species.

Yes, some turtles deposit soft eggs while others lay hard-shelled eggs.

For instance, sea turtles lay soft eggs, and most freshwater turtles deposit hard-shelled eggs. However, right after deposition, all turtle eggs feel spongy and leathery. These eggs resemble nothing less than squashy balls.

Soon, the soft and rubbery shell starts chalking. It is a stage when the white patches take over the shell, making the egg cover stronger. So, the eggs become stiff but brittle.

The eggshells are made of calcium carbonate. If the mother turtle is calcium deficient, the eggs will lack calcium, too. As a result, the eggshells, yolks, and embryos will stay underdeveloped. On the contrary, gravid turtles that have high calcium in their systems lay perfect eggs.

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Usually, the eggshell hardness decides whether it is permeable or not. The stiffer the eggs, the less permeable they are, meaning less water exchange. This feature saves the egg clutch from drying out.

Turtle Eggs Look like Ping-Pong Balls

Do you know snake eggs are rubbery and have a leathery texture? Now that we know turtles might also lay spongy eggs, how do we differentiate these eggs? The trick is simple. You can determine the egg just by the look of it.

Turtle eggs are white or creamy, while snake eggs are mostly off-white.

If you have a poor color sense (like me), look at the shape. Turtle eggs are not oval-shaped with a tapered tip (like chicken eggs). Instead, these eggs can be totally round (similar to a ping-pong ball) or slightly oblong.

Yes, snakes also deposit oblong eggs. But they are usually bigger. Turtle eggs will always be under 1 inch long, while snake eggs cross this limit.

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