Are Painted Turtles Illegal To Have As Pets?

Are Painted Turtles Illegal To Have As Pets

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You are attracted to the super cute painted turtle! You want to have one and wondering if painted turtles are illegal to have as pets or not. I will let you know all the ins and outs.

Yes, you can have painted turtle as a pet, there is no problem. Just buying and selling one less than 4” is not recommended in the US since 1975 (Title 21 CFR 1240.62). To minimize the spreading of Salmonellosis in children the ban was bought to action by FDA.

The 4” rules were invented to control the spreading of Salmonella. Most young children are attracted to baby turtles. They put them in mouth, although putting in the mouth is not the way the salmonella spread. Young children usually don’t get attracted to big turtles. So the 4” rule is a clever move to control the spreading of salmonella in children.

Are You Thinking To Get One Wild-Caught Painted Turtle?

Are you still wondering to get one baby turtle? As you can’t buy it from the breeder you can’t catch them from wild either. It is never a good idea to catch any species from their wild home, most of the time they get depressed and can’t cope up living around human.

Wild turtles often are loaded with bacteria, and if you got children in the house catching a wild one will never be a good idea.

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Definitely, you will not be able to provide the food they used to have in the wild. They might find it hard to accept the offered diet. The consequence can be fatal.

Some Facts Regarding Painted Turtle As A Pet

  • Painted turtles are very popular pet among turtle lovers. They make great companion turtle. A less aggressive character has made them a great pet.
  • Painted turtles love to be in the water, they are great swimmers. They need to be in a spacious place where they will feel safe and secure.
  • A pet is a commitment. The longer it will live the longer you have to serve. Most of the captive painted turtle lives up to 25-30 years. Some of them found to live for 50 years.

  • Painted turtle does not grow very large, there is no need to make any outdoor pool. They can easily be kept indoors.
  • A fully adult painted turtle is not more than 6-7 inch, so a 60-70 gallon turtle tank will be great for them. The 60-70 gallon tank is very easy to handle and not hard to clean.
  • A few things you will need for them to make their habitat comfortable. They are- water heater, UV-A light, and UV-B light, proper feeding, water filter, water heater.

Things To Be Taken Care Of While Handling A Painted Turtle

  • A painted turtle spend the ¾ time of their lifespan spend in the water. Providing enough water in their tank is vital. Provide water as deep as they are long. They are great swimmer, they will certainly enjoy the water.
  • Give them adequate basking place where they can completely become dry. This will avoid any fungus infection as well.
  • They don’t usually bite but don’t surprise them. Never put your finger in their mouth. Don’t pick up by holding their shell, yes that’s painful for them.
  • To hold them scoop them out and put them on your hand so that they can sit on. This way they will feel secure.
  • Turtles don’t love to be handled. Try to handle them as less as you can. Always clean your hand after handling them as they carry harmful bacteria like salmonella.
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Hope you are not still wondering if painted turtles are illegal to have as pets or not. As long as you are not keeping a baby turtle it’s fine. Remember not to have any turtle less than 4” length.

Always keep in mind that if you find anything abnormal in your turtle never be late to take them to vet. With proper care and treatment, they can have a longer healthy life.



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