Why Is My Red Eared Slider Blowing Bubbles?


The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research.

Red eared sliders, also known as slider turtles, are one of the most amazing semi-aquatic turtles in the entire world. Till now we have discussed a lot about these sliders in our last few articles. Today we are gonna discuss something else.

So, why red eared sliders make bubbles? Mainly this happens because of respiratory infection. That’s a very big health issue for your red eared slider.

Today we are going to discuss this disease and its prevention.

Some Major Symptoms Of Respiratory Infection in red eared slider:

  • If the turtle feels tired i.e. doesn’t want to move much
  • Being afraid of swimming or face any sort of problem for breathing
  • Puffy eyes, running nasal fluid
  • If it swims sideways
  • Bad appetite

First aid treatment for RI (Respiratory Infection):

If you see any of these issues mentioned earlier, then you have to take first aid treatment as soon as possible for not making the issue bigger. Here is some to-do list for you:

  • Raise the temperature of the basking area of your turtle. Keep it around 93-95 Fahrenheit.
  • Keep an infrared lamp above the turtle’s tank.
  • There’s a solution called API TURTLE FIX. You can apply it to the water where your turtle swims.
  • An X-ray should be done and in many cases, sick turtles need to be transferred into an intensive care unit for better treatment.

How To Tell If A Red Eared Slider Is Sick?

Okay, there are some common scenarios that represent a red eared slider is sick. As mentioned earlier, nasal discharge is one of them. Another one is anorexia which is a lack of appetite. Along with this, restlessness during swimming is also a very severe health warning for red eared slider.

How To Avoid Red Eared Slider’s Respiratory Infection?

  • You’ll need to maintain the temperature that is perfect for red eared sliders. Excessive heat can damage their health.
  • Washing hands before handling turtles is also one of the main issues that should be followed.
  • Good water quality in the tank, proper lighting, and nutritious food should be offered.
  • Basically, RI is caused by a bacterial infection. So the turtle should be properly clean to avoid any sort of infection.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can be used for better prevention.

You need to take immediate steps as soon as you find out your red eared slider is suffering from respiratory infection! Otherwise, it can cause severe diseases like pneumonia in the future.


If you find out your red eared slider is blowing bubbles, don’t get panicked! Take necessary steps mentioned above to save your slider! Also, go to the nearest vet immediately and ask a professional’s help!

I really hope your turtle will get well very soon!

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