What Does It Mean When 3 Turtles Are On Top Of Each Other?

What Does It Mean When 3 Turtles Are On Top Of Each Other

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Turtles are interesting species, sure. But do you know this species plays a significant role in ancient mythology? Yes, I am talking about Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of living. So, what does a turtle symbolize in the Feng Shui? Or what does it mean when 3 turtles are on top of each other?

When 3 turtles are on top of each other, it means:

  • Good luck
  • Prosperity
  • Longevity

Aren’t you feeling the urge to know more? If yes, then dig into the article. Who knows you may end up losing in the world of the ancient art of living?

Feng Shui And Turtles

Do you know what Feng Shui is? The Chinese words “Feng” and “Shui” refer to the natural elements “Wind” and “Water”. The philosophers and the believers used to place different metallic or wooden stuffed animals in the living spaces. They believe these animals would create a balance between our busy civilized life and nature.

Well, the ancient time has passed but the belief is still here in our heart. Whenever you visit the shrines in the Asian countries, you will find turtles, tortoises, Pheonix, owls, dragons, and many more souvenirs that represent the magical world of Feng Shui.

Turtles and tortoises play a totally different role in Feng Shui. Different types and positions of the turtles have different meanings. You will get to know it all in the upcoming sections.

What Does It Mean When 3 Turtles Are On Top Of Each Other?

If you know even a little about Feng Shui, I am sure you have seen the turtle trivia. Three turtles stacked together, or one old turtle carries two small turtles. What does this trivia symbolize?

It is believed that the 3 turtles represent 3 generations of the family. This is more like passing the good luck, success, and heritage of the family from one generation to another. Our ancestors believed that the turtle shells contain all the knowledge of earth and heaven. That is why placing it in your home can bring the descendants good luck to your family.

Also, turtle trivia represents the longevity and good health of the family. The old turtle is carrying its two offspring on the back. This stacked turtle will protect the 3 generations of the family and protect the members from any danger or downfall. So, you can say that these 3 turtles safeguard and immune the family from all the red eyes.

Why do 3 turtles represent longevity? You know turtles have a really long lifespan. Some turtle species can live around 400 to 500 years or even more. This is why turtles are a huge symbol of longevity. Check this article to get the lifespan chart of turtles.

Other Meanings Of Tortoise And Turtles In Feng Shui

Besides the trivia turtles, there are many more types of turtles and tortoises in Feng Shui. Each of them has different meanings. Such as:

Turtle On The Back Of A Dragon

Dragon and turtle are the two most important celestial animals or guardians in Feng Shui. when you combine these two creatures, you will get the dragon turtle. The mutated creature will have the body of the turtle and the head of a dragon. It symbolizes the following things:

  • Protection
  • Success
  • Good luck
  • Security
  • Prosperity
  • Longevity

There are different types. For example,

  1. Dragon turtle sitting on the bed of coins and gold ingots: You will get a steady income and luck will favor your business.
  2. Turtles sitting on the shell of a dragon turtle: It activates the descendant luck and keeps the family glued together.
  3. Wang Chang pagoda on the back of the dragon turtle: The person will get academic success.

Basic Feng Shui Turtle

The basic turtle is the most common in Feng Shui. Do not think it is not that powerful. Instead, it is the most used and quality Feng Shui turtle you can keep in your home or office. So, what does it mean?

According to the believers, the basic Feng Shui turtles indicate 4 different things. Such as:

  1.  It protects your house from any evil eyes and works as an energy strengthening cure.
  2. Your career will go on the peak in a steady motion and very smoothly.
  3. Your house and office will be full of positive energy and there will be peace among the members.
  4. Some basic Feng Shui turtles promote the good health and longevity of the house members by protecting them from illness.

Benefits Of Keeping Feng Shui Turtles In Home Or Office

By now, you know what a Feng Shui turtle is and what it symbolizes. We have seen different types of Feng Shui turtles and their meanings too. Let’s explore the advantages of keeping this creature in our home or office:

  1. This will help you accumulate on only more wealth but also protect the existing money and possessions you have.
  2. Your investment, income, and the emperor will grow bigger.
  3. You will get more sound sleep and your mind will be stable.
  4. Business income opportunities will increase.
  5. The turtles will protect your health from illness.
  6. You will get healthier relationships and gain mental peace.
  7. The chances of getting academically successful will increase.
  8. The turtle protects your home from any bad eyes.

In a nutshell, the Feng Shui turtles have got your back with life. You just have to keep faith in it and do the good work.

Placement Of The Feng Shui Turtles

You can not just place the Feng Shui turtles anywhere in your house. You need to set it exactly where it belongs. The believers claim placing it in the right space can channelize the energy and manipulate luck and fortune. Here is where you need to place your Feng Shui turtles:

  1. Placing the turtle and tortoise at the back of your house or in the garden will safeguard your house.
  2. Keeping the basic turtle above your bed will help you get rid of insomnia. You will be able to have sound sleep at night. Also, this will reduce your anxiety and stress.
  3. For good health and longevity, place the Feng Shui turtle in the east sector of your house.
  4. To get rid of illness and avoid upcoming dangers, keep the turtles at the main entrance.
  5. For career luck, place the turtle in the north sector of your house and office.
  6. To activate descendant luck, the Feng Shui turtle should be in the west sector.
  7. The Feng Shui turtle can cure your long term illness. You just have to place it inside the personal “Tien Yi” direction.
  8. If you place the Feng Shui turtle near a water source, this will enhance the power of the creature.

However, there are some places where you should never place the Feng Shui turtles. Such as the bathroom and kitchen. Also, do not let strangers or visitors touch the turtles. This can decrease the power. Moreover, never place the turtles in an upside direction.

Cautions: Each Feng Shui creature is a sacred guardian. Before buying any piece, do thorough research or talk to an expert. There are certain rules of placing the Feng Shui elements and the rules are strict. Breaking those can cause bad luck.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Feng Shui Turtle

There are different types of Feng Shui turtles and each one symbolizes different things. How can you decide which one to buy? It depends on your Kua number and birth element. Using the right one will channelize the energy more effectively.

There are 2 things you have to consider while buying the Feng Shui turtle. Such as:

  1. The material of the Feng Shui turtle
  2. The Placement of the Feng Shui turtle

I have already talked about the placements of the turtles. The Feng Shui turtles are basically available in the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Crystal


Any type of Feng Shui turtle brings good luck, prosperity, and longevity for you. Placing it right and choosing the right one can enhance the energy more. This can be a great gift for your elderly and loved ones.

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