Russian Tortoises For Sale: The Benefits Of Buying Online

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Trust me! Once you start buying tortoises online, there is no turning back. I bought my Russian tortoise from XYZ Reptiles, and the service was top-notch. So, whenever I think of buying a new tortoise, I head to the website.

XYZ Reptiles sells adult Russian tortoises, and you can order a pet of your preferred gender. The store offers a great deal on the species, $99-$199, lower than most other shops. Besides 24/7 customer service and fast delivery, XYZ Reptiles also guarantees a live arrival of your pet.

Get a list of online stores that sell Russian tortoises with hot deals from below!

Russian Tortoise For Sale Online

If you are about to buy a Russian tortoise, go through the chart below. I have listed the popular online stores with satisfactory service. You can also compare the price of the online and offline stores from the table.

Available StoresPrice RangeAdditional Information
XYZ Reptiles$99 – $199XYZ Reptiles sells adult Russian tortoises of 4 – 5 inches. Also, you get a chance to select the gender of your ordered exotic tortoise on this website.   This store has tied up with one of the renowned shipment companies for making deliveries. So, you will get the Russian tortoise within 3 – 5 days max. Moreover, the shop guarantees the live arrival of your animal and promises compensation otherwise.   Furthermore, XYZ Reptiles has recently launched the pay-in-installment feature. Hence, you can order exotic pets at any price and clear the bill later..$99 – $1194 – 5 inches Russian tortoises are available in Backwater Reptiles. While the female tortoises are cheap, the male ones cost slightly more.   The store is strict on delivery policies and confident about the healthl of the tortoises or other animals. On average, you will have the pet within 2 – 3 days. However, you can request an overnight delivery for only $49.99.
Underground Reptiles$69Russian tortoises available in Underground Reptiles are 4 – 5 inches and field caught. The shop ensures fast delivery, and even overnight shipping is also available. Moreover, the store guarantees 100% live arrival of the tortoises.
Reptmart$129 – $299You will find both baby and adult Russian tortoises at Reptmart. This store gives you a live arrival assurance of any reptile and a 7 day-health guarantee.
Tortoise Town$399.95 – $499.95Tortoise Town has already made a solid customer base with smooth and quality service. Yes, the tortoise rate may seem a bit higher than the market. But as they say, quality comes with a price.   All Russian tortoises in Tortoise Town are captive-bred. You can select the age and gender of the tortoise with additional rates.
The Turtle Source$169 – $395Russian tortoises of all sizes, ages, and genders are found in The Turtle Source. Of course, the availability of the pets depends on the stock.   This store always ensures safe shipping and confirms a 7-days health guarantee for the pets. You can request overnight delivery of the tortoise with additional payment.$94.95 – $129.95The sells field-caught male and female Russian tortoises of 4- 5 inches. While the males are cheap, the female Russian tortoises are slightly expensive.   Any tortoise bought from comes with a 3-day health assurance. If you face any issues with the delivery, inform the company within 6 hours to claim compensation.

N.B. Do your research before ordering from any physical or online pet store. Turtle Hub will not be responsible for fraud or inconsistency from any store’s end.

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Why Should You Shop For Russian Tortoise Online?

Of course, you can ignore shopping online altogether. But let me tell you what you are missing.

1. Craziest Collection

The local pet stores often lack variety and only sell common tortoises. Online shops, on the contrary, have a wide range of collections. You will find rare and exotic tortoise species in these shops.

2. Hefty Discounts

On special occasions, online stores offer customers excellent deals on tortoises and other animals. So, it is definitely pocket-friendly. Again, some shops provide pay-in-later features, allowing customers to clear the bill in installments.

3. Transparent & Dedicated

Online stores are always honest with their terms and policies. Also, most shops offer 24/7 customer service. Therefore, you can connect to an agent anytime regarding any order-related queries.

4. No Transportation Hassle

Bringing the tortoise home from the shop along with the supplies can be troublesome. But when you order online, there is no such issue. Just select all the items and check out. The entire tortoise setup, along with the pet, will be at your doorstep.

Any Trusted Online Store? My 7 Recommendation

Of course, you can not try every single online pet store to find the most credible one. Even the idea itself is just absurd. Instead, shop reviews and word of mouth are two factors you can trust to filter down to a trusted online pet store.

I have shopped from different pet e-commerce websites, both famous and underrated. Finally, I have made my peace with the XYZ Reptiles, and here is why,

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1. Kickass Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are the first thing I always check when buying anything online. Well, a company may spend thousands on fancy advertisements to influence the market. But the buyer feedback says the reality about the service or product.

Apparently, the customer reviews on XYZ Reptiles are satisfactory. There is no negative feedback, and it seems like the store has stood up to its word.

2. Quality Assurance

Of course, the raising environment and condition of the Russian tortoises matter. The wild-caught tortoises can not adjust to the home ecosystem and die suffering. Also, buying wild tortoises is an illegal and punishable offense.

Well, you can say goodbye to these worries with the XYZ Reptiles. The store has a license and sells tortoises or other animals following the legal rules.

Moreover, the tortoises are kept in optimal conditions, and an expert team is assigned to care for them. Thus, I can be fully assured of the tortoise I am getting.

3. Live Arrival Guarantee

Yes, people are a bit skeptical about whether the tortoises can survive the delivery period. Remember, Russian tortoises are hardy creatures and can go without food or water for weeks. So, these tortoises can get through the delivery process in good health.

The shipping companies use special containers to move tortoises or animals from one place to another. Hence, the pets are in good hands anyway.

No wonder the XYZ Reptiles guarantee the live arrival of tortoises. Do not worry if you get a damaged or dead tortoise, even after all these delivery precautions. The store will offer compensation for the inconvenience.

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4. Smooth Delivery

XYZ Reptiles are quite strict on the shipping policy. The store only dispatches orders on Tuesday and Wednesday. So, you are more likely to receive the pet’s tracking number on these days. Also, expect a delivery within the following 2 – 3 days.

Sometimes the store holds the shipment intentionally if the weather gets rough. It is for the safety of the tortoises.

5. One-Stop Solution

XYZ Reptiles sells animal habitat supplies and feeds too. Therefore, I get to buy everything I need for my tortoises with just one click.

6. Buy Now, Pay Later!

XYZ Reptiles has made it easy for anyone to buy the dream exotic tortoise. Yes, your budget does not matter.

The store has launched the pay later system. For example, you can buy a Russian tortoise and clear the bill in 4 turns with zero interest. Isn’t that amazing?

However, the offer is only valid for Pyapal payment.

7. Dedicated Customer Service

XYZ Reptiles has an open portal for any purchase-related query. A 24/7 customer service is available to assist you in any trouble.

In short, XYZ Reptiles provides you with the best deals on tortoises and supplies. At the same time, the store ensures smooth customer servicing. If that is not what makes a shop credible, then what is?

Do check the official XYZ Reptiles website for orders and any queries.


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