How Long Does A Red Eared Slider Live?

How Long Does A Red Eared Slider Live

How long does a red eared slider live? The question must have popped into your head if you thought about having them as your pet animals. It is essential to know some basic information about the red eared sliders before you want to commit to them. The more you know, the better you can care for them in the long run and have a wonderful experience with these cute animals.

The Lifespan Of A Red Eared Slider

Although it can be hard to pinpoint the exact lifespan of a red eared slider, there are instances of these animals living up to their 40s. Red eared sliders can have a potential lifespan of more than 100 years if they live in the wild. But the real answer to the question: “how long does a red eared slider live” should be about 40 to 50 years in captivity. Basic facts about the red eared slider:

  • Average Lifespan: more than 25 years
  • Average Length: About 12 inches

You should keep in mind that if you fail to take proper care of your pet turtles, they may not live longer than 4 or 5 years. Once you manage to construct the optimum habitat for the red eared slider and feed them with food that they are accustomed to, then your turtles can live long and healthy lives.

Why Do Turtles Live So Long?

As mentioned earlier, scientists still don’t know the exact reason as to why turtles, and especially the red eared sliders live so long. Turtles are known to have a very slow rate of metabolism, which means that their aging happens at a different rate when compared to other animals. This also means that turtles can live for prolonged periods without food or water.

Turtles can also make their bodies go through hibernation-like states when the environment is too harsh, helping them to sustain themselves even when the surrounding can be unforgiving. Their bodies can also go through anaerobic metabolism, which means that they can survive even without the presence of oxygen. Everything happens a lot slower for turtles.

How To Make Your Pet Turtles Live Longer?

If you are serious about having a pet turtle, then you need to be prepared to take proper care of them. It is the single biggest factor behind their lifespan. Ensure that your pet turtles are housed in a habitat with appropriate temperature. Install a heat source near the habitat such as UV light so that they can have access to sunlight.

Keep the habitat clean and the water source should be filtered regularly to remove toxins. As your turtles grow to their adult size, you should buy larger glass enclosures to house them. Another essential thing that you need to pay attention to is the diet of your pet turtles. Earthworms and small fishes can act as treats for your pet animals, while green vegetables such as lettuce should act as the staple diet for these pet turtles.

Once you can ensure all these elements in your house, your pet turtles will be able to live longer and become lifelong partners.

How Fast Do Red Eared Sliders Grow?

Red Eared slider growth rate depends on several things. Namely:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Diet
  • Genetics

Red eared sliders can grow by more than 1 inch per year. This is an average estimate, and factors such as diet and genetics can determine how fast your red eared slider can grow. A diet consisting of a healthy balance of green vegetables and protein sources such as meat and fish can help your pet turtles to grow faster.

Protein helps the red eared slider growth to attain a steady pace. Calcium is another important element that contributes to their growth. You should also let all your pet turtles to bask under the sun. Exposure to a heat source can help red eared sliders to attain their maximum growth potential.

Red Eared Slider Growth Rate

The 1st year of the red eared sliders will see them grow to 3 or 4 inches, and then they will grow by 1 inch from the subsequent year. Adult turtles can grow up to 12 inches. If they have strong genetics, they can grow even more.

If the weather and environment conditions are optimum, then it will also contribute to the red eared slider growth rate. Conditions in the wild are drastically different when compared to captive environments. Thus, pet turtles that live in captivity usually live longer than turtles who live in the wild.



In conclusion, you can’t do anything else besides taking proper care of your pet turtles. The rest will happen naturally. So, if someone asks: how long does a red eared slider live, then this guide will be able to answer this question thoroughly. You should not try to do anything else to make your pet turtles grow faster.



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