Do Turtles Bring Good Luck? [Feng Shui Turtles]

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Turtles have existed in this world for millions of years. Most turtle species have an incredibly long lifespan. Some can live up to 100 years! In many cultures, turtles are considered being lucky animals for living a long life. So, do turtles bring good luck? 

Turtles are associated with good luck, prosperity, and longevity. Some people believe that keeping a pet turtle or even a turtle statue can bring good luck and prosperity. In Feng Shui, turtle statues are symbols of good luck, prosperity and wealth. 

In this article, I will explain why turtles are considered lucky. You will also learn about Feng Shui turtles and how to use them to bring good luck in your personal and professional life.

Why Are Turtles Considered Lucky?

The remarkable qualities of turtles make them popular among different cultures and traditions. Turtles are peace-loving animals. Despite being slow animals, many turtles can live over 50 years. Hence, many believe turtles have existed in this world for millions of years for their good luck. 

However, it is not just their luck that enables turtles to live such a long life. The unique lifestyle of turtles also helps them to live a long life. Turtles have great strength. As we can see, they carry a large shell on their back. But they do not use it to attack others unnecessarily. They are patient and can endure many hardships during their life. 

Therefore, turtles also symbolize patience, wisdom, strength, and longevity in different cultures. These peaceful creatures are often mentioned in Asian cultures. For example, in Feng Shui, turtles are one of the four Celestial Animals. A turtle or tortoise symbolizes good luck and prosperity in Feng Shui belief.  

Benefits of Feng Shui Turtles

Feng Shui turtles are turtle or tortoise statues made of glass or metals. According to the Feng Shui tradition, a person can attract good luck, prosperity, and positive energy by placing turtle figures in specific areas of a house or room. 

Feng Shui Turtles are often associated with the element of water, which is also believed to flow in prosperity in a person’s life. Here are some benefits of keeping Feng Shui Turtles: 

  • Feng Shui Turtles bring good luck and longevity to people in the home or office.
  • Placing a turtle figurine in a home can improve family harmony and attract wealth.
  • Turtles also symbolize stability. So, a person can expect to have a stable mind and be patient like a turtle by keeping a Feng Shui turtle. The turtle’s energy can positively affect a person’s career. 
  • The shells of turtles symbolize protection. Therefore, a turtle figure can ward off evil energy and maintain harmony. 
  • Since turtles are symbols of longevity, the Feng Shui turtle can affect the owner’s health. It attracts positive energy and promotes good health. 

9 Types of Feng Shui Turtles

Feng Shui turtles are available in different materials. Considering your purpose and budget, you can get one for your home or office. Yes, Feng Shui turtles made of different materials serve different purposes. 

Here is an overview of different Feng Shui turtles that bring good luck: 

Type of Turtle Direction Benefits 
Jade Turtle The East sector of a houseGood luck, prosperity, and longevity
Metal TurtleThe northwest corner of a roomProtect from negative energy and attracts good luck
Glass Or Crystal TurtleIn the southwest or northwest direction of a roomGood luck, prosperity, and longevity
Stone Turtle West direction or under the bed Good luck, money, and peace
Wooden Turtle In the east or southeast corner of your homeGood luck and positive energy
Hematite TurtleIn the north or northwest direction of your houseGood luck in love life and health improvement 
Clay TurtleIn the southwest corner of your houseImproves health and financial conditions
Dragon Turtle In the north or northeast direction of a house or officeBlocks negative energy and attracts good luck
Triple Tortoise In the north direction of your house or office Good luck and harmony in family

Let’s learn about different types of Feng Shui Turtles: 

1. Jade Turtle

Jade is one of the most expensive gems in the world. Feng Shui turtles made of jade bring good luck, prosperity, and longevity. It also has a calming effect on the owner’d mind. Moreover, the statue of the jade turtle can be a beautiful decorative item for your house. Place it in your bedroom for better relaxation.

2. Metal Turtle

Do you want your children to concentrate more on their studies and bring good luck to their lives? Then you should get a metal turtle. Place a metal turtle in the northwest corner of your children’s bedroom or study room to improve their life. It is also believed that metal turtles can protect from negative energy. 

3. Glass Or Crystal Turtle

If you want to attract good luck, money, and good health, get a glass or crystal turtle statue. You can either place it in the southwest or northwest direction of your room or office. Glass or crystal turtles in the southwest direction bring good luck and wealth, while turtles in the northwest increase your lifespan. 

4. Stone Turtles 

Stone turtles attract positivity. You must keep it close, so place a stone turtle in your bedroom and under your bed. It will clear your negative thoughts, and you can sleep better. Stone turtles are also popular for bringing good luck, money, and peace to a household. 

5. Wooden Turtle 

Wooden Feng Shui turtles are a superb choice to attract good luck. They are less expensive compared to other turtle statues. Wooden turtles fight against negative energies and bring prosperity to a household. Place a wooden turtle in the east or southeast corner of your home for better results. Then you will see how positive energy flows in your house. 

6. Hematite Turtle

Want some luck in your love life? Then you can get a Hematite Turtle made from rose quartz. You can also keep a black hematite turtle to fight health problems. Place the statue in the north or northwest direction of your house. 

7. Clay Turtle 

Clay turtles bear the aspects of earth elements. Turtles made from clays bring stability to a person’s life. Keeping a clay turtle improves a person’s health and financial conditions. The people in the house will live in peace and harmony. People also believe clay turtles can improve one’s love and marriage life. 

8. Dragon Turtle

The statue combines the mythical power of a turtle and a dragon. Thus, the dragon turtle is the most powerful Feng Shui turtle. Keeping the turtle in the north or northeast direction of a house or office blocks negative energy and attracts good luck. 

If you want to improve your financial condition, keep a dragon turtle in your workplace. Also, place a small turtle on the back of the dragon turtle. Some even place Chinese coins around the statue to increase the effects. 

9. Triple Tortoise

In Feng Shui, the triple tortoise statue has three turtles stacked on top one after another. The statue represents three lucky generations of a family. Increase your family bonding by placing a Triple Tortoise at home. The turtle can also protect the family members from bad luck and misfortune. Keep the statue in the north section of your house or office. 

So, the Feng Shui turtles mentioned above are popular for attracting good luck and prosperity. You can put the turtle statues in a small shallow bowl of water. Flowing water represents a flow of income. Then place the bowl in the right direction according to the material the statue is made of. 

Where to Place Feng Shui Turtle for Good Luck?

 The right placement of the Feng Shui turtles is very important. The placement can vary depending on what you expect to get from the turtles. 

Here are some places in your home and office where you can keep a Feng Shui Turtle:

1. North-Eastern Part Of A House Or Office

As you have seen above, most Feng Shui turtle statues kept in the north or north-eastern part of a house or office bring good luck, prosperity, and positive energy. Place a Feng Shui turtle in the northeast corner of your office to boost your career and personal growth.

2. Living Room

A living room of a house is usually in the front or center of a house. So, it is an ideal location to place a turtle statue to block bad energy and attract positive energy. The statue works as a protective barrier and promotes stability. 

3. Office or Study

Feng Shui turtles can affect a person’s financial condition. You can attract wealth by placing a turtle statue in your office. Moreover, turtles are symbols of wisdom and knowledge; therefore, keeping a turtle in your workplace can improve your focus and concentration at work.  

4. Bedroom

By placing a turtle statue, especially a jade or stone turtle, you can promote peaceful and restful sleep and bring good luck. Keep the turtle on a table near your bed or under your bed for the best result. 

5. Artificial Waterfall Or Fish Tank

Water enhances the power of Feng Shui turtles. If you have an arterial waterfall or fish tank, place a turtle statue in the water. It will bring good luck to every member living in the house. 

You can decorate your house with a turtle statue and use its energy to bring good luck to your house. You have to place the turtle in the right place to have your desired effect. 

There are also a few places where you should not place a Feng Shui turtle. Either the statues won’t work or have a negative effect. So, here are places where you should not keep a turtle statue:

  • Turtles are respectful and spiritual animals in many traditions. So, never place a turtle statue in a bathroom or kitchen. 
  • Do not keep cracked, broken, or deformed turtle statues in your house or office.
  • Also, keep the Feng Shui turtles in a clean spot.

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