The Convenience Of Buying Live Red-Footed Tortoises Online

Red-Footed Tortoise

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To be honest, I am not a fan of my local pet store. Well, they have a limited tortoise collection, and most of the time, they overcharge. So, when I decided to buy a red-footed tortoise, I was convinced enough to order the pet online.

Online stores allow you to access red-footed tortoises of all ages, sizes, and genders. In fact, you can even purchase the hybrid ones. Again, enclosure setup and food are also available. So, you get to buy everything necessary for the pet with one click and enjoy the delivery at your doorstep.

Want trusted online shop lists? Keep reading.

Why Should You Shop The Red-Footed Tortoise Online?

Yes, going out to the pet store and picking up the tortoise can be a fun experience. But transporting the tortoise and setting up a new home from scratch is too much for some owners. In such cases, online shopping is the most convenient answer.

Allow me to pinpoint some advantages of buying red-footed tortoises online,

  1. The collection in the local pet stores is mostly limited. On the contrary, online, you can access red-footed tortoises of any age, size, and gender. Also, hybrid red-footed tortoises are available in these shops.
  2. Bringing the tortoise from the store, especially an adult tortoise, can be a hassle. In online orders, the deliveries are made directly to the home. So, no more transportation hassle.
  3. While the local stores can overcharge you, the online stores are pretty transparent in their policies.
  4. The online shop also sells habitat set-ups and all necessary supplies for the tortoises. Thus, you do not need to roam from store to store to build the pet enclosure from scratch. You can order the entire terrarium supplies with food stocks in one click.
  5. You always get better deals and heavy discounts on online purchases. So, shopping online is definitely money-saving.

Top Online Stores To Buy Live Red-Footed Tortoises

No need to go through the hassle of finding a trusted online pet store. I took care of it and found 6 popular online animal shops for you.

Store NamePrice RangeAdditional Information
XYZ Reptiles$149XYZ Reptiles offers the best deals on red-footed tortoises or any other animals. The shop only sells baby tortoises of 3 – 4 inches, the safe length to avoid Salmonella bacteria. Besides, the sex of the pet will be a surprise for you.   In XYZ Reptiles, the team ensures you the fastest delivery possible. Also, the store confirms the live arrival of the tortoise at your doorstep. Well, you get full compensation if anything goes south.   The star feature of XYZ Reptiles is definitely the installment payment service. Yes, you can buy the red-footed tortoise today and pay the store off in 4 turns over 6 weeks.   Finally, 24/7 customer care, both automated and personalized, is available for queries.
The Turtle Source$169 – $799The Turtle Source has Red-footed tortoises of all ages. While the hatchlings are cheap, the 7 – 8 inches tortoises cost more than $470. However, you can get a discount by buying in bulk (at least 2 tortoises). The rate of defective red-footed tortoises is also lower than the original.   For the juvenile and adult red-footed tortoises, you can select the gender. But gender preference is not always available.   Notable features of this store are,   Overnight delivery 7 days health guarantee24/7 customer service
Underground Reptiles$124.99 – $899.99Underground Reptiles sell smaller baby red-footed tortoises of 2 – 3 inches at $124.99. Hybrid and adult red-foot tortoises are also available. You can buy a ready setup for the pets from the same store.   The shop assures a fast delivery within 5 days. Of course, you will receive a live and healthy tortoise at your doorstep. For any inconvenience, contact customer service.   However, the live arrival guarantee can be void if your regional temperature is unfit for delivery. So, check the shipment and local temperature terms & condition clause before making the order.
Redfoot Ranch$140 – $375Redfoot Ranch has a stock of red-foot tortoise hatchlings, sub-adults, and adults. The babies are under 6 months, and the adults are between 12 – 14 inches.   You can request an overnight or a usual delivery as well. In fact, a pickup option is also available if your location matches the warehouse position.   Cancellation of any order is possible if the order is not shipped yet. Yes, you will be charged a small penalty.   Redfoot Ranch ensures a live arrival for the tortoises. If you receive sick or dead animals, notify the sales team within 1 hour. The store will compensate you accordingly..
Tortoise Town$289 – $699Tortoise Town sells red-foot tortoises from hatchling to juvenile category. For the young tortoises, you can select the gender with an additional $15.   The shop stocks tortoise supplies and feeds too. So, you can order everything required for the pet from one stop.   Besides fast delivery, Tortoise Town offers a 7-day health guarantee. It means you can file a complaint if your tortoise falls sick or dies within 7 days of delivery. But yes, the shop will investigate the care sheet before providing any compensation.
Imperial Reptiles & Exotics$99 -$299The Imperial Reptiles & Exotics has recently launched a discount on the 2 – 3 inches red-foot tortoise hatchlings. Of course, the store promises a live arrival guarantee for the reptiles. Besides, the delivery timeline is quite flexible.   You can select the shipping day when checking out. The tortoise will be at your doorstep the following day. Fast delivery with an additional charge and a pickup option is also available.

Many more shops sell red-footed tortoises online. Check their authenticity and license before making any order. Of course, Turtle Hub will not be responsible for any discrepancy.

Where Should You Buy The Red-Footed Tortoise From? My Suggestion

Of course, you can buy the red-footed tortoise from any store, online or offline. No pressure.

But I have noticed hesitation among the owners while ordering the tortoise online. I guess the stores failed to convince the keepers and win their trust.

Well, I have shopped for turtles, tortoises, and their home supplies from different online marts. The experience varied from store to store. From my personal assessment, XYZ Reptiles was the only shop that won my heart. Currently, I am one of their regular customers.

So, if you ask for an online tortoise store suggestion, I will definitely recommend XYZ Reptiles. The shop has a stock of a wide range of tortoise species and subspecies. Red-footed tortoise is one of the star products of this shop, and now the tortoise is up for sale.

$149 for a 2 – 3 inches red foot tortoise is indeed a good deal. On top of that, you do not have to pay the whole amount at once. You can clear off the bills in 4 installments, interest-free. So, no more limitations in buying your dream tortoise.

Discounts and EMI benefits are the secondary reasons I prefer XYZ Reptiles. The leading causes will always be the tortoise quality and delivery process.

XYZ Reptiles has top-notch living facilities for their turtles and tortoises. An expert team is assigned to take care of these reptiles. Hence, you can be assured of the excellent health of your ordered tortoise.

While there is no return policy on live animals, you can request a cancellation. The store will charge you a small amount and refund the money within 5 business days.

Finally, XYZ Reptiles has cracked the delivery code. Therefore, you get the fastest and most seamless delivery. Generally, the shipment dispatch days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

So, the deliveries reach the destination within 2 – 3 days. Yes, the store asks to hold the shipment if the weather gets rough for the animals.

However, you do not have to worry about the delivery. The store guarantees the live arrival of any tortoise or animals. You can ask for compensation if you receive a dead pet. The customer service of XYZ Reptiles is open 24/7.

So, should you buy your red-footed tortoise from XYZ Reptiles? I think so. If you still have doubts, check the official website for more details.

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