Can You Eat Turtle Eggs?

How Long Do Snapping Turtle Eggs Incubate

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Turtle egg, along with meat, is nothing less than a delicacy for so many people. Top-class restaurants around the world sell turtle egg dishes. There are reports that tribal people living near the ocean feast on turtle meat and eggs on certain spiritual and annual occasions. But are these eggs really edible?

Turtle eggs are edible, and people have been consuming them for centuries. Turtle eggs have a nutritional content similar to that of chicken eggs. Tribal islanders claim that turtle eggs can increase lifespan, and some restaurants say they improve sexual drive. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these health claims.

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How Long Do Snapping Turtle Eggs Incubate

People Have Been Eating Turtle Eggs for Centuries

Many international bloggers and vloggers have shared their experiences consuming turtle eggs in the Nicaragua market. The Intrepid Times reporter suggests that the locals believe turtle eggs can enhance their sexual drive. Unfortunately, there is no truth in this claim.

Vice reporter Clarissa Wei had also visited the Nicaragua market and tasted the turtle eggs. She was stunned to see the demand for turtle eggs in this area. Even though selling sea turtle meat and eggs has been banned in Nicaragua, people barely care.

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Habitants of Nicaragua believe that eating turtle eggs is a tradition. Of course, culture always comes first.

The Onondaga Iroquois people commonly consume map turtle, wood turtle, and sea turtle meat and eggs. Tobi and Sonsorol islanders have been eating these reptile eggs for years. But recently, they have cooperated with the related authorities and banned turtle meat or eggs.

Most tribes believe that turtle eggs are aphrodisiacs, meaning they lead to a longer lifespan. Even though there is a little truth to this claim, you can not make people snap out of their belief system.

Maldives, everyone’s dream destination, is literally fighting to protect their sea turtle conservatory. Stealing sea turtle eggs and trading them is an open secret here. The demand for turtle eggs is especially high among the tourists.

Countries like Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, etc., have developed farms to harvest turtle meat and eggs. All this happened due to the spiked-up interest in the illegal turtle dish.

Such events just prove one thing. People can eat turtle eggs and have been consuming them for centuries.

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People Eat Turtle Eggs Because of These 4 Reasons

Why are so many people into turtle eggs or meat? I recently read an article where the writer went to a fair and tasted snapping turtle eggs. He knew selling and eating these eggs were illegal, but that did not stop him.

After brainstorming for a long, I could only think of these reasons,

  1. Source of Protein: Of course, turtle eggs are a rich source of protein. The protein percentage is average in these eggs. Yet, the gym buffs consume them to bring a change in the taste buds.
  2. Rich in Minerals: Lab results declare that turtle eggs are high in amino acids, minerals, and DHA. The amino acid aids in tissue repair and healing injuries. Likewise, DHA promotes healthy function of the eyes and brain.
  3. Increase Sex Drive: People believe turtle eggs are a natural libidio booster. But there is no scientific proof to eat.
  4. Taste of The Unknown: Accept that humans have been curious about illegal things since the beginning of time. The ban tag has made the turtle eggs sell like hotcakes. In reality, these eggs might not taste good at all.
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Eating Turtle Eggs Poses Health Hazard Says Experts

Trust me! The restaurant owners will make up stories about how good and beneficial turtle eggs are to boost their sales. In reality, these eggs can leave you in a fatal health condition.

A biology lecturer at UMT has appealed to people to avoid both turtle eggs and meat. He suggests that these items are high in metal contents, which cause kidney disease, and liver cancer.

Besides, these meat and eggs are exposed to bacteria and parasites. Hence, consuming these exquisite dishes will make people sick in no time.

You Should Not Eat Turtle Eggs

Well, I am not going to argue on whether turtle eggs are tasty or nutritious. That is an entirely different topic. I just want to request you all to avoid consuming turtle eggs or meat in any form. Why?

See, many of the freshwater turtles are already on the verge of extinction.

A survey results show that more than half of the 376 available species are now endangered. If we keep consuming these reptiles, their population will decline sooner than we have imagined.

Even though the freshwater turtles are safe to an extent, the sea turtles are in real danger. People are exploiting the turtle nests and poaching the eggs.

Did you know only 1% of turtle eggs can reach adulthood?

If we kill the eggs before allowing them to hatch, it will only reduce the sea turtle population. The time is not very far when all sea turtles will go extinct.

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It is high time we took responsibility for preserving the marine turtle population. Let’s not eat sea turtle meat or eggs and discourage our friends from doing so. Creating awareness might seem insignificant right at this moment. But in the long term, we will not face any calamities due to the extinction of marine turtles.

Moreover, collecting, trading, or eating turtle eggs is illegal in many states and countries. If caught red-handed, you can be heavily fined or jailed for months. So, do not risk everything just to satisfy your taste bud.

Before You Go

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