Pet Turtle Care Secrets Exposed

Advanced Guide To Pet Aquatic Turtle’s Care, Diet, Cost, Feeding & Health Every Owner MUST Know

pet turtle care secrets exposed

Do you want to know how to take proper care of your turtles so that they can live a longer & happier life?
It may take a lot of money, energy, and time to raise a turtle. But if you have decided to get a turtle as a pet, then a little research on turtles is a must for you. As a newbie, I am sure, many questions are storming inside your head.

“Which turtle is the best as a pet? How to set up its habitat inside or outside your home? How to make the turtles feel like home? What do they eat? What to do if it falls sick?”

Well, these are some of the questions, and I know there are many more. I have been raising turtles for years, and have raised different species. Trust me, it is not an easy task at all. I have faced hundreds of problems and solved them by researching hard on the species.

In this book, I have tried to sum up everything I have learned from my experience and research. It is a small contribution from me that may help you to know your turtle better than ever.

So, if you are considering to keep a turtle as a pet or already own one, this book will be your #1 Go-To guide for any turtle care information!

If you are a BEGINNER TURTLE KEEPER, this guide will show you what “ADVANCED CARES” experts give to their turtles so that their turtle can live a much longer and happier life than an average keeper’s turtle!

Ask yourself these questions… Do you want to know…

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions then Pet Turtle Care Secrets Exposed is for you.

Pet Turtle Care Secrets Exposed is an eBook which is a pdf download NOT a hardcopy book. Once downloaded it can be easily printed and bound (at your own expense).

Pet Turtle Care Secrets Exposed offers all the advanced tactics that you need to know for offering your turtle the quality of life it deserves! The secrets exposed in this book can’t be found on the site. 

The main difference being you can download and print it off to make your very own Pet Turtle “Care Guide” Manual. A 42-page practical guide that you can read anytime you want!

Here is a list of chapters included in The Pet Turtle Care Secrets Exposed so you know exactly what you are getting…

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Common Pet Turtle Species

Chapter 3: Cost Breakdown According To Species

Chapter 4: How To Choose The Right Species For You

Chapter 5: Requirements For Turtles

Chapter 6: How To Set Up The Perfect Turtle Tank

Chapter 7: Compatible Tank Mates For Turtles

Chapter 8: Diet

Chapter 9: Health Check

Chapter 10: Diseases & Treatment

Chapter 11: Precautions You Should Follow

Chapter 12: Foolproof Turtle Breeding Guide

Chapter 13: Common Myths Busted

Chapter 14: Conclusion

This guide is what will set you apart from an average turtle keeper to someone who knows WHAT HIS TURTLE WANTS!