Wild Encounter: Canada Goose Battles to Escape Clutches of Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtle In Yard

Snapping turtles are powerful creatures that should not be underestimated.

A video footage shows a snapping turtle submerged underwater, biting down on the heels of a Canada goose.

The goose is unable to move due to the strong grip of the snapping turtle.

It is unknown how the scene ends, but the video is a testament to the strength of snapping turtles.

Snapping turtles are known to hunt by waiting motionless in the water, often partly buried in mud or camouflaged among vegetation, until unsuspecting prey comes close enough.

Never underestimate the strength and power of the snapping turtle.
Source: www.whiskeyriff.com

When a potential meal gets within reach, the snapping turtle will extend its head and neck to capture it with a rapid, powerful bite.

Once a snapping turtle’s jaw is fully engaged, it tends to hold on until the movement of its prey becomes less frantic.

It is important to respect the power of these creatures and avoid getting too close to them.

Snapping Turtle Diet: Carnivorous or Omnivirous Meals?

While snapping turtles may exhibit carnivorous traits, they are actually omnivorous creatures that consume both plant and animal matter.

In addition to animal protein, their diet can include plant and greens, fruits, pellets, and supplements, much like other turtle species.

Animal protein typically makes up the majority of a snapping turtle’s diet, accounting for 70-75% of their meals.

Plant and greens, on the other hand, only make up about 25-30% of their diet, with low vegetation and waterborne plants being their favorites.

While greens are important for fulfilling mineral and vitamin requirements, they may not be sufficient on their own.

Snapping turtles are at risk of hypovitaminosis, making supplements a necessary addition to their diet, especially for pet turtles. Learn more here, Are Snapping Turtles Carnivores?

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