Tragic Outcome: Flamingo Injured by Snapping Turtle in Pennsylvania Pond Passes Away

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A flamingo that was critically injured by a snapping turtle after being blown off course by Hurricane Idalia has died while being transported for further rehabilitation after the attack.

Raven Ridge Wildlife Center in Lancaster County announced the sad news on Facebook on Saturday, saying that the flamingo had died despite reaching a point where it could stand, walk, and eat on its own.

The flamingo and its mate were first spotted at Long Lane Pond in Franklin County after Hurricane Idalia made landfall in Florida.

A snapping turtle grabbed one of the flamingos several days later, and it could not get the turtle off.

It was saved by a birder who watched the incident and taken to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center, where it remained the center’s top priority.

The wildlife center reported the flamingo’s death a day after it was reported that its mate had left the area. Flamingos are not a native bird species to Pennsylvania.


Snapping Turtle Diet: Carnivorous or Omnivirous Meals?

Snapping turtles are omnivorous, consuming both plant and animal matter, including fruits, pellets, and supplements.

Animal protein makes up the majority (70-75%) of their diet, while plants comprise only one-third (25-30%) of their diet, with low vegetation and waterborne plants being their favorites.

While greens provide essential minerals and vitamins, they are not enough to meet a snapping turtle’s nutritional needs, putting them at risk of hypovitaminosis.

Hence, supplements are mandatory for pet turtles. Pellets are also safe for snapping turtles if fed in moderate portions (20-30%).

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