Tortoise Rescue Operation: 71 Endangered Species Saved in Cumilla, One Arrest Made

African Spurred Tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) in the garden

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The Wildlife Crime Control Unit (WCCU) of the Directorate of Forest has recovered 71 endangered species of tortoises from the Muradnagar area of Cumilla district, Bangladesh and detained one person in connection with the incident.

The recovered wild animals include 49 Indian peacock softshell turtles, 20 Kachuga sylhetensis, and 2 Elongated Tortoise, according to the directorate.


Under the Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act 2012 of Bangladesh, the Indian peacock softshell turtle and Kachuga sylhetensis are protected species, while the Elongated Tortoise is a critically endangered species.

The detained person, Babul Ghose, is a resident of the Viti Panchpukuria area under Muradnagar union in Cumilla.

According to Ashim Mallick, Wildlife Inspector of WCCU, his team conducted a drive at the house of Babul Ghose based on a tip-off and recovered 71 live tortoises on Tuesday evening.

Members of the Wildlife Crime Control Unit (WCCU) within the Directorate of Forest.

Mallick stated that Ghose had collected the tortoises from nearby water bodies with the intention of smuggling them, which is illegal and punishable under the Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act 2012 of Bangladesh.

Mallick added that the recovered tortoises would be released into natural water bodies, and a case in connection with the incident is currently under process.

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