Lost and Found: Florida Tortoise’s Remarkable 3-Year Journey Ends at Home

An African sulcata tortoise that had been missing for over three years has been found and returned home in Florida.

The tortoise had only traveled five miles from where it originally escaped, which is not surprising given that the animal’s top speed is only 0.3 mph, according to A-Z-Animals.com.

Source: www.foxweather.com

Over the weekend, Florida’s Wildest Animal Rescue received a tortoise from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office after it was spotted trying to cross a highway in Interlachen, Florida.

The sheriff’s office noted on their Facebook page that the tortoise was friendly towards people and enjoyed head pats, indicating that it likely belonged to someone.

The owner of the missing African sulcata tortoise came forward after the deputies and rescue organization posted about the find on social media.

Source: www.foxweather.com

They revealed that the tortoise had escaped back in April 2020.

The rescue organization posted on their Facebook page that the tortoise was in slightly rough condition due to spending multiple cold winters without heat.

However, they reassured me that the tortoise would recover and recommended a visit to the vet.

The organization expressed their joy in being able to assist in reuniting the tortoise with its family, calling it a happy ending.

Source: www.foxweather.com

According to the rescue organization, the African sulcata tortoise is native to the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.

The organization also informed the deputies that tortoises are known escape artists due to their ability to dig out of their enclosures.

Taking Care Of Sulcata Tortoise

If you’re looking for an adventurous pet option for your tortoise-keeping journey, the Sulcata tortoise can be an excellent choice.

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This species is known for its friendly nature and easy maintenance, making it an ideal option for beginners.

Additionally, Sulcata tortoises are the third-largest tortoise species in the world.

To properly care for a Sulcata tortoise, it’s important to provide a spacious habitat that replicates the wild environment and temperature.

You should also ensure that the tortoise receives a balanced diet with necessary supplements to maintain its physical and mental health. Learn more here, How To Take Care Of Sulcata Tortoise?

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