Anna Paulina Luna Initiative for Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Gains House Committee Support

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On Thursday, the House Natural Resources Committee approved a proposal to establish a grant program for the recovery, care, and treatment of stranded sea turtles, as well as funding research on turtles.

The measure, which was filed by U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, includes an amendment that would open up sea turtle research grants to rehabilitation facilities.

The Sea Turtle Rescue Assistance Act (HR 2560) aims to support the rescue and rehabilitation of sea turtles, and the proposed grant program would provide much-needed assistance to facilities caring for these animals.

The bill has garnered support from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and is expected to move forward in Congress.


U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican from St. Petersburg, has expressed her satisfaction after her amendment to the Sea Turtle Rescue Assistance Act (HR 2560) was passed by the House Natural Resources Committee.

Luna’s amendment expands access to funding for rehabilitation programs, including those based in Florida, which were previously limited under the original legislation.

Luna highlighted the importance of Florida’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation programs in caring for stranded sea turtles, many of which are sent to the state from across the country.

She believes that her amendment will allow Florida to have more access to funding, which will help to continue rehabilitating stranded turtles and benefit the state’s sea turtle population.

Luna’s amendment has been hailed as a “huge win” for Florida and its sea turtles, and it is expected to receive further support as the legislation moves forward in Congress.

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay has been managing a Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center since 2019.

The center requires the maintenance of four rehabilitation pools, a foraging pool, and a veterinary suite.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has permitted sea turtle rehabilitation centers in several other locations in the state, including Panacea, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, and Navarre.

U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna’s amendment to the Sea Turtle Rescue Assistance Act (HR 2560) received unanimous approval from the House Natural Resources Committee, with the support of bill sponsor U.S. Rep. Bill Keating, a Democrat from Massachusetts.

The bipartisan legislation also has a companion measure (S 2086) in the Senate, which is being carried by U.S. Sens. Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas. The senators reintroduced their measure on World Sea Turtle Day in June.

Lawmakers believe that the legislation will ensure the sustainability of research programs and rehabilitation centers across the country.

The proposed grant program will provide much-needed support for facilities caring for stranded sea turtles and will help to protect these endangered animals.

According to Keating, the passing of the Sea Turtle Rescue Assistance Act will alleviate the burden on non-profit organizations that are doing important work to save these endangered animals.

What Is Sea Turtle Conservancy?

The Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), formerly known as the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, is the oldest and most successful organization of its kind worldwide.

Based in Gainesville, Florida, STC operates as a non-profit organization.

In 1959, Joshua B. Powers established STC as a response to the publication of Dr. Archie Carr’s award-winning book, “The Windward Road,” which drew attention to the plight of sea turtles worldwide. Dr. Carr served as the Scientific Director of STC from 1959 until his passing in 1987.

Since its inception, STC’s research and conservation efforts have played a critical role in preventing the complete extinction of the Caribbean green turtle.

Although STC began its work in Costa Rica, it has since expanded its research and conservation efforts to cover the entire Central American region and the wider Caribbean.

STC’s mission is to ensure the survival of sea turtles in the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans through research, education, advocacy, and the protection of natural habitats.

The organization is involved in conservation and recovery efforts of sea turtle populations globally.

With over 60 years of experience in sea turtle conservation, research, and education, STC has helped to raise awareness and ensure the safety of sea turtles worldwide.

The organization’s research programs have produced a significant portion of what is currently known about sea turtles and the dangers they face.

Using this information, STC is currently carrying out sea turtle protection and recovery programs with the most success worldwide. Learn more here Is Sea Turtle Conservancy Real? What You Don’t Know.

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