How to Trim Red Eared Slider Nails?

How to Trim Red Eared Slider Nails

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Red eared sliders grow pretty fast. Within a few months, you will notice significant physical growth in them. You will see the nails are also getting bigger than the usual. You may want to know how to trim red eared slider nails. In this article, I’ll talk exactly about that.

So, how to trim red eared slider nails? The answer is, YOU SHOULDN’T! Red eared sliders are perfect with bigger nails. In fact, as an aquatic animal, they need bigger nails. So, it is not recommended at all to try to trim their nails without the consultation of a vet.

Red Eared Slider Overall Growth

In the first year, the growth rate of a Red Eared Slider is significantly very fast. But as time goes, the growth becomes slower. To have proper growth in his lifetime, Red Eared Slider needs proper care and diet.

During the first year, the growth potential of a Red Eared Slider is few inches. In later years, it becomes 1 inch per year. Red Eared Slider can grow up to 12 inches during its lifetime.

Growth of Nails

Along with the overall growth of a Red Eared Slider, if you are quite observant, you can also see few changes in its body. The most prominent one among them is the noticeable nail growth. Sometimes the nail growth gets so big that you almost think that it is making the movement difficult for the turtle and there is a possibility of self-hurt with such long nails.

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All these will make you wonder if you should trim your Red Eared Slider’s nail. Well, you should not do it by yourself. If you think this is causing much harm to your Red Eared Slider, then you must consult with a reptile veterinarian about the issue in detail.

Your next work should be to follow the instructions of the veterinarian.

How To Trim Red Eared Slider Nails?

Most of the veterinarians and Red Eared Slider owners are most likely to not suggest you to go for it. They have some valid reasons behind it. Taking care of your pet is okay. But taking care of it without having proper knowledge will only hurt your Red Eared Slider rather than doing any good.

It is quite natural to have a bigger nail for a Red Eared Slider after some time. Though these nails look risky enough for them but being an aquatic being it is quite habituated to them to stay with it without causing much harm. So, there is no chance of self-harm or difficulties of movement naturally.

Don’t do anything whimsically about Red Eared Slider’s nails without having a proper consultation with a veterinarian. He knows way more than you about your beloved pet. If any action needs to be taken then let the vet decide it.

Just follow what the vet tells you.

The Reason Behind Not Trimming Red Eared Slider Nails

There are plenty of valid reasons for not trimming Red Eared Slider’s nails. Here I am explaining some of them:

1. Natural for Aquatic Being

It is quite normal for the Red Eared Sliders to have longer nails with time. The nail gets bigger which seems like a hindrance to the movement of the Red Eared Sliders. But actually, it is not likely to happen for an aquatic being.

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This is a serious concern for those who live in the land. So, there is no possibility of self-harm due to longer nails for the Red Eared Sliders.

2. A Prominent Feature for Male Red Eared Slider

If your Red Eared Slider is having a longer nail, there is quite a possibility that your Red Eared Slider is a male. It is very natural for the male Red Eared Sliders to have a longer nail as they start growing old.

3. Male Red Eared Sliders Impress The Female Ones With It

The front claw nails of a male Red Eared Slider will get long naturally. You normally don’t have to be worried about these natural phenomena unless there is an abnormal growth of it. The male Red Eared Slider tends to use these nails to impress the female Red Eared Slider. So it is an essential part of their personality. Kind of portray their “Manhood”.

Having it removed might hurt him emotionally. Even if there is an abnormal growth of the nail, it won’t be wise to remove it just considering the comfort.

4. Hurting the Red Eared Slider

There is a possibility of hurting your Red Eared Slider if you think about doing something on your own. Firstly, cutting the nails is unnecessary. Secondly, there is a very thin vein that runs through the nails of these little aquatic beings. Cutting the nails with an unprofessional hand can cause some serious harm to them.

They might start bleeding for a very long time. As a result of it, the Red Eared Sliders may get very sick. In the worst-case scenario, they may even die for excessive blood loss.

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So, under any circumstances, you should never try to trim red eared slider’s nails on your own.

But, if there are some other cases like the nails got broken and your Red Eared Slider is injured, take him to a professional veterinarian immediately. He will be able to figure out what to do at that time with his years of expertise.

Final Words

When it comes to anything related to Red Eared Slider’s nails, the question should be why I should trim Red Eared Slider’s nails, not how to trim Red Eared Slider nails. It is because trimming Red Eared Slider’s nails is a very bad idea in the first place and doing so might cause them life-threatening harm and excruciating pain.

Do you want your pet to go through all this pain? If not, you should just let it be. Let it stay natural without ruining the authenticity of it. In this way, your Red Eared Slider will stay happy, playful as well as healthy.




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