How to participate in a turtle race?


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Turtle racing is a popular event throughout the world. Typically how the game works is like this: the participants each will bring their turtle. The turtles will be placed inside a circle. The first turtle to step out of the turtle wins the race. There can be many forms of turtle racing. In this article, I am going to explain how to participate in a turtle race both in a formal and informal way.

The informal approach

Here, by the informal approach, I am just indicating racing your turtle against your friend’s turtle in the backyard of your home. turtle races can be very exciting and at the same time unpredictable. For an informal approach, you can follow these:

  • If you want a race throughout a straight line, then you’ll need to make a runaway with boundaries on both sides.
  • The boundary or wall can be made with any household item. It also ensures that your turtle doesn’t get lost.

The formal approach

For formal racing, generally box turtles are mostly used. The race can be organized in a rectangular or circular track. Here are the steps to participate in such a turtle race:

  1. The first step is to find whether a turtle race is going to happen in your area. You can look for one through the local newspaper, internet or websites. Turtle races are generally held during summer and spring when the weather is warm.
  2. Now you need to get your turtle registered. If you don’t have a turtle, then you can obtain one from a pet store. Also, sometimes the race organizers have extra turtles to lend.
  3. Pay the registration fee if there is any.
  4. After the registration, the organizers will give you a sticker and a pin. Both the sticker and the pin will have the same number on them. Now put the sticker on your turtle and the pin on your shirt. By this way, one can easily understand whose turtle is whose.
  5. When the time finally comes, place your turtle inside the track. As soon as someone shouts “GO!”, release your turtle and enjoy. The race has started!
  6. The first turtle that crosses the line or steps out of the track is the winner.
  7. During the whole time, keep your hands properly cleaned. Also, after the race, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Keep in mind that turtles are known to carry salmonella which can be a deadly bacteria for humans.
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Regulations of turtle race:

Though the regulations can vary from organizer to organizer, some very common regulations of turtle race are:

  • Using wild-caught turtles for the race can be illegal in some states. So, you need to be careful about that.
  • In some races, there can be turtle trapping. Some states strictly prohibit this kind of affair. Check what your state says about this.
  • For making the turtle faster, sometimes the participants use low current to stimulate specific parts of the turtle brain. This can be dangerous not only for the turtle but also for the spectators.


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