How Much Does Turtle Food Cost?

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Turtles eat the most basic meals. Of course, you can prepare an excellent diet for these reptiles out of your home groceries. Yet, keepers prefer feeding the turtles commercial stuff. Let’s see how much the turtle food costs in general.

The basic turtle foods are available at $1.99. But this diet alone can not fulfill the nutritional requirements. So, owners buy float sticks, pellets, canned or frozen protein, stew, etc. The pricing starts from $3.99 and goes over $100. Gourmet food, growth formula, and fruit treats cost around $20.

You can access many varieties of meals and items for your turtles. Let’s discuss the food category and price in more detail.

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Key Takeaways

  • The basic turtle meals are not expensive.
  • Gourmet turtle items, including treats, are costly.
  • You can buy canned, frozen, or live protein for turtles.
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Turtle Food Price in 5 Different Stores

I have researched tons of pet shops and their price range for turtle food. Honestly, there is not much difference. Only some stores have more varieties on the shelves.

In this section, you will find the price chart of turtle meal items in 5 popular shops. Remember, the mentioned rate is not constant. I request you to check the store for more details on the product and the delivery process.

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N.B. All these shops are online. Some of the stores offer offline services, too.

1. Petco

Petco is the food heaven for turtles. I have found a wide variety of items on their shelves. The shopping at Pecto is also smooth.

You can buy turtle foods directly from Petco’s physical shop or order online and pick them up from the store. Shipping options are also available. Both usual and urgent delivery options are open.

The best part about Petco is the price. You can avail of discounts all around the year.

PetcoLarge Sun-Dried Red Shrimp/ River Shrimp$3.50  – $16.39
Natural Maintenance Formula$6.78 – $20.99
Food Growth Formula$7.25 – $20.99
Gourmet Turtle Food$7.06 – $9.99
Turtle Calcium Options (Bones and Block)$5.99 – $6.39
Treat for Aquatic Turtles$5.25 -$6.89
Floating Food Sticks$3.79 – $44.99
Box Turtle Flower Food Topper$2.99
Natural Protein Formula$3.90
Box Turtle Food$5 -11.54
Protein Treat$2 – $14.99
3 in 1 Aquatic Turtle Food$12.99
Vegetable & Fruit Mix$11.95
Owner: Elizabeth Nicole Hartin

2. My Turtle Store .com

The food collection at My Turtle Store .com is nothing extraordinary. Only the frozen worm section stands out. This shop is mainly popular because of its live animal sales. I have reviewed this store’s service, and it seems quite flexible.

My Turtle Store .comBaby Shrimp 10 grams$3.99 – $6.98
Worms$7.49 – $26.95
Premium Turtle Food (Large turtles, Juveniles, and Hatchlings)$6.19 – $28.95
Calcium Supplements$3.98 – $5.49
Floating Feeder$3.29 – $22.19

3. Reptile Supply

The Reptile Supply has made quite a name for its livestock collection. I must admit. The food stock in this store also looks impressive. You will find some exclusive items for your turtle at Reptile Supply.

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Reptile SupplyShrimp for Turtles$2.99 – $9.99
Box Turtle/ Aquatic Turtle Gourmet Food$7.99 – $19.99
Turtle Bone$5.99
Treats for Turtles$3.99 – $4.99
Stew for Aquatic Turtles$9.99 – $14.99
Basic Turtle Food$2.99 – $16.99
Floating Food Sticks$1.99 – $7.99
Protein Treats for Turtles$5.08 – $6.99
Turtle Gel Food$12.99
Food Growth Formula$4.99

4. Chewy

Chewy is more like a one-stop pet solution. You can buy medicine, food, treats, and cute accessories for your turtles and other pets from this store. The shop ensures a smooth delivery within 3 days.

Chewy  Floating Food Stick$4.39 – $10.34
Natural Maintenance Formula$20.99
Protein Treats$2.77 – $54.99
Turtle Basic Food$2.99 – $14.39
Turtle Gourmet Food$6.79
Shrimp for Turtle$1.64 – $16.39
Turtle Fruit/ Vegetable Mix$11.95 – $13.99
Turtle Growth Formula$20.99
Calcium Supplements$2.83 – $6.77
Stew for Aquatic Turtle$9.99 – $12.58

5. Pet Supermarket

The chart below shows the no-so-rich turtle food collection at Pet Supermarket. Yet, you can try the store if you need urgent delivery. The shop offers store pick-up, same-day shipping, and the usual delivery options.

Pet SupermarketBasic Turtle Food$3.49 – $10.99
Box Turtle Flower Food$3.99
Shrimp for Turtles$9.49 – $14.99
Turtle Gourmet Food$16.99

Where Else to Buy & Check Turtle Food Price

Of course, you can buy from any place you want. It can be the nearest pet store or any other online shop. You can also check out my article on where can you buy turtle food!

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In my opinion, you should drive or walk to the local pet store and buy your turtle meals. This way, you can ensure the quality of the food without spending the delivery charge.

ZooMed is a leading turtle food brand. You can use the store locator and buy its product from a physical store.

Likewise, in Walmart, you can either pick up the turtle food from the nearest shop or order online.

However, if you must order turtle meals online, I have already given you a list of shops. You can also order from Amazon. Mazuri, Fluke Farms, and ReptiSticks sell some of their in-house products through their own website. Check those out, too.

Before You Go

Turtle foods are not insanely expensive. I know you will agree with me. So, where does the money go? Let’s do a cost breakdown of raising turtles.

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