Emergency Turtle Vet Directory: Phone Numbers From All 50 States

How Prepared Are You If Your Turtle Gets Sick Tonight?

Emergency Turtle Vet Directory is a PDF that contains all the reputable contacts of Turtle Vets around the states. I have researched for hours and combined a list of all the Turtle Vets around each and every 50 States. The list contains the following:

These four pieces of information will help you to find a vet no matter where you live in the United States. And remember, I have found and listed reputable Turtle Vet Clinics from every state. So, don’t worry thinking if there will be a vet clinic from your state.

If you are a serious turtle keeper and want to ensure complete safety of your turtles, you should get this PDF RIGHT NOW!

BONUS: I’ll also give you my SUPER HELPFUL TURTLE TANK SETUP CHECKLIST so that you don’t miss anything your turtle needs!

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